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INTERVIEW: Izzi De-Rosa Talks ‘love u in the morning’ And More!

INTERVIEW: Izzi De-Rosa Talks ‘love u in the morning’ And More!

If you love the catchy atmosphere of pop music and the angsty feel of rock and pop-punk, you’ll adore Izzi De-Rosa and her new single, ‘love u in the morning!’ This gritty, grunge-pop anthem describes the hot-and-cold, back-and-forth of a relationship with a superstar attitude and a fun vibe we can’t get enough of.

Shortly after the song’s release, we got to ask Izzi all about the story behind it as well as her creative growth, TikTok success, and more! So check out ‘love u in the morning’ below and keep reading to see what we talked about with Izzi.

Content Warning: The ‘love u in the morning’ video has flashing/shaky shots starting around 1:31!

Congrats on your new single, ‘love u in the morning!’ How does it feel to finally share the song with the world?
Thank you!! It feels unreal. I’ve been itching to release it for a while now, so it’s great to have something out there doing its thing in the world.

Is there a certain lyric on ‘love u in the morning’ that you’re particularly proud of?
“And the radio’s on, and it’s playing our song. But when the chorus came, well, you weren’t even singing along.”

We love how ‘love u in the morning’ touches on the gradual spiral of a relationship rather than showing the more explosive falling-out that so many songs have already explored. Is it inspired by a true story? If so, what has it been like for you to reclaim that experience and turn it into something more positive?
It’s not actually based on a true story, which is a first for me, because pretty much everything I write usually is. I guess, I just wanted to write a realistic love song. Growing up, I kind of romanticised everything and I feel like that’s definitely the result of the music I consumed and movies I watched. The stories around love would often flit between awful heartbreak and then the fuzzy falling-in-love feeling. I wanted to tell a story around that middle stage that’s a little bit more realistic and awkward.

You said on Instagram that ‘love u in the morning’ feels special because it’s your first release since really honing in on who you want to be as an artist and how you want to show that in your work. How did you figure out what vibes and energy you want to give off in your music?
Hm. I kind of took a step back and thought about who I am as a person, and what would reflect me best sonically. My previous sound was really sugary and bubble-gummy, but in real life, I’m not like that all the time. So I wanted to add a bit more grit to the sound. I also started expanding my listening palette and thinking about how I could combine the Y2K sound I loved growing up, with more of a fresh sound that fits the current mood of the world.

Since we’ve loved all your recent singles, we have to ask: do you have a full project in the works?
Yes!! I’ve been building a catalogue of songs I’m really proud of and I’ll be releasing them next year.

You’ve gotten close to 10 million likes on TikTok, and you’re nearing half a million followers, which is incredible! What do you think is the secret to a good TikTok and connecting with your audience?
If I’m being honest, I haven’t quite figured out the answer to that myself! I don’t think there is a secret recipe, the app is really random and having a viral moment is like winning a lottery ticket. But, I guess the main thing I’ve learned and observed is that if something you’re doing is working, it’s working for a reason, so just keep doing it. And most importantly, be yourself. People can tell when you’re being authentic and when you’re not.

You’ve also gotten support from Spotify’s official playlists, CLASH, and more! What has it been like for you to see how much your music resonates with fans and tastemakers?
I keep pinching myself, to be honest. When you write a song it’s kind of like putting the inner workings of your brain into something tangible for the world to have, and you don’t really know what the outcome will be – if people will like it or hate it. When you see it connecting with other people it’s reassuring, in the sense that you’re not the only one having these thoughts and feelings. And beyond that, it’s just amazing to create something that other people can print their own personal experiences onto.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with your music already, which of your songs would you recommend to them to get a feel for who you are as an artist?
Definitely ‘love u in the morning!’ As I said before, I feel like I’ve landed on a sound that is very me, and it’s also a good representation of the direction my music will be going.

What can your fans look forward to in the rest of 2022?
I’ve got a couple of shows – Live at Leeds on October 15th, and another at Amazing Grace in London on October 26th. I also have more music!! Yay!

Hearing Izzi de Rosa live and getting more amazing music? Yes, please! We had so much fun talking to Izzi about her work and can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve. What’s your fave track she’s released so far? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more exclusive interviews, click here.


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