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Interview: Omega X Talk Connect: Don’t Give Up, Tour Life, And More

Interview: Omega X Talk Connect: Don’t Give Up, Tour Life, And More

Hey there, For X! We know the boys mean a lot to you, and so do they to us; we love and support them, and we hope and wish the boys are well, happy and healthy. Omega X recently wrapped up their first world tour – Connect: Don’t Give Up World Tour – and as we are big For X and we even got to catch their San Antonio tour stop!

If you don’t know about Omega X, we hope this makes you want to check them out, as their music is amazing, and this group is one full of second chances. The members all debuted before and had to give up on their idol dream somehow before. Thankfully, Omega X came along and offered them another chance to fulfill their dreams.

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Before their last world tour stop, we got to join the boys via Zoom for an interview and poke them with some questions. Let us not ramble on, let’s get into it!

As a first question, we wanted to know if you had any funny or memorable interactions with fans during the tour?
Omega X: There were so many!!
Yechan: There were so many special performances the fans got to see with Latin music and sexy performances by our members and everyone was so energetic and enjoyed. We loved that.

You are super active on TikTok  – as Gen Z idols, this doesn’t surprise us. There you are following trends and even doing some challenges to Latin music and Spanish music. What do you plan on doing next?
Hangyeom: Junghoon and I are the ones mostly involved in the dance challenges. We mostly dance to trending TikTok sounds, and that’s why we dance a lot to Latin music, and we are going to keep checking what’s hot and new in the future.
Yechan: Latin music is also spreading all over the world, so there are probably going to be hot and trending Latin TikToks by us! 

As you just wrapped up your first world tour, apart from the places you have been, where would you want to go next if you could go anywhere in the world?
Jaehan: I would love to visit Europe, actually, because I am a big soccer fan, but I don’t want to just go there for soccer; I want to share my love and passion with European For X.
Yechan: I really want to visit Paris one day because I want to feel the vibes I’ve seen in the movies. 

Touring with many members must be a lot, but we want to know what is your favorite part and your least favorite part about touring together?
Hangyeom: All of us have different personalities, and we all talk a lot, which I personally enjoy. So that’s probably my favorite part of touring with my members. But that’s also my least favorite because I think we are too loud, and it can get a little too much.
Xen: My least favorite – and this might be awkward for the members – was probably, since we have to visit so many cities, the transportation and adjusting to the new places was hard for me. We have so much luggage that we need to carry and check-in, and we have to go through security every day, which can be tiring and hard. But it was all for For X’s love and their hearts, so that’s what made it better.
Jaehan: It’s because we have a lot of members; we never get bored. There is always a group that has fun somewhere, so we keep each other entertained. But the problem with that is that when we are missing a member, it’s hard to find them as well, and it is usually Kevin who is lost or hard to find. 

What is something you learned while performing on stage for this tour?
Hangyeom: When we were in front of our fans and having fun, it made me think of different genres and stages that could be fun to do in the future. Maybe something like ad-libs is also something we could improve on so we could make better concerts for our fans. 

If you had to split up into sub-units what kind of music would you make and what would your unit’s name be?

(The boys were a bit flustered with this question)

Jehyun: There is a song I made on our full first album with Yechan and Hwangyeom called ‘Airplane.’ I wanna do more of this style like hip-hop and R&B music. As for a name we haven’t thought about it but maybe we keep it simple and derive the name from our last name? Moon Song Shin.
Jaehan: I have another idea for a subunit. Maybe I could make one with Xen and Taedong. Our unit name could be Middles as we are the middle people age-wise in our group, and we could do a song like ‘Control’ from our first album; that would be fun
Hyuk: I would love to form a fan unit like we did for our song ‘Liar,’ where we did a fan version!

You celebrated your first-year anniversary this past summer and you have achieved a lot. What goals would you like to achieve during this next year?
Sebin: Our goal, for now, is just to visit everywhere around the world for the tour, and of course, we want to work hard for more awards. But our first priority is meeting our fans around the world.
Yechan: We want to win the first time on a music show that’s next and then maybe the best performance award.

How would you describe this first year?
Hangyeom: We had to, of course, work nonstop and super hard from debut until now. We are human, so we get tired, but ultimately our fans For X and their love is what keeps us going and working. And in my opinion, this is a great opportunity, and with the support of our fans, we can experience what love and happiness are. We really enjoyed this year.

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Some of the members have taken part in producing music for the group, as in composing and writing lyrics. Do you have any other interests in contributing to the album-making process? 
Sebin: I would love to participate in the album design. It is very important to be on trend and design in a minimalistic way at the moment, and I think I would be very good at that. 
Hyuk: If we have a good concept and a good title song already, I’d love to play and make an intro for the album. 
Hangyeom: I am always interested in the album story and concept, and I would be interested in participating in that. 
Xen: One of my hobbies is taking photos; I have taken a lot of photos of the members during the tour. So if the members allow, I’d one day like to take the jacket photos for our album. That’s actually on my bucket list.
Jehyun: I have already helped create the photo cards for our Love Me Like album, and I’d like to do that again for our group. 
Yechan: I was thinking during this tour that if there were bigger stages or equipment, I’d love to use that. And I hope next time we can use those and design bigger and more special stages and performances.

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Since the name of the tour is Connect: Don’t Give Up we wanted to know was there ever a time when you wanted to give up but you gained strength and you kept going? Who gave you that strength?
Hangyeom: For all members, we all re-debuted as Omega X for our fans and the love from our fans, and that’s why we keep going. During this tour especially there is the song on our setlist ‘What’s going on’ and then we move to ‘Omega X’ and that’s always very hard for me. I don’t want to give up and when I look at the other members that gives me strength. Also during this tour we have so many pieces of luggage, and they are so, so heavy and we have to carry them everywhere and it hurts our backs. But those are the times when we look at each other; even though we all want to go and rest, we tell each other let’s not give up.
Xen: Every morning, waking up is a challenge for me. I always think “let’s stay in bed and let’s have a day of rest.” When we wake up like today earlier and have to get ready, I think of everyone who works hard with me, the interviewers, staff, and my members, and it motivates me to stay awake and get the work done.
Yechan: Adding to what Hangyeom said, it felt really challenging, and sometimes it felt impossible with the schedule for this tour, like going to the airport and taking planes or the bus and having to shower at the venue. It was challenging and gave me so much stress, but I get excited and energy from the fans. I also always watch shows of artists I love, which also inspires me to keep going. 

And lastly, are there any plans to include For X in the lyrics credits of a song again as you did in ‘For Baby’ before?
Hwichan: Actually, we got the idea from our vlive. Yechan and me, when we made the song ‘For Baby,’ we hoped we could make this type of song for every album. We definitely want our fans For X to be able to do something like this again and participate in making our music. So we can keep them in our hearts forever because songs like this are special to us and For X.

Well, Omega X, we love you even more after this interview, that’s for sure! We hope you get to rest and take a break and come back stronger. Also, we will practice our lyric writing skills for ‘For Baby’ 2.0! Did you get to see Omega X live on their tour? What’s a lyric you’d write for them? Let us know in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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