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Omega X Tracks You Need On Your Playlist

Omega X Tracks You Need On Your Playlist

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If you’ve been here a while, you already know we are big fans of Omega X. We probably even made you become one! But if we didn’t convince you quite yet, just you wait because this just might.

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Omega X is an 11-member boy group under Spire Entertainment, and let us tell you, there is not a dull moment with these guys. And don’t even get us started on the bops they are constantly releasing. The group is also set to have an upcoming comeback this June, so what better time to stan than now? What better time to start listening to Omega X than right at this moment? We mean it, you better buckle up and get ready to add these tracks to your playlists!


We gotta obviously start off with ‘LOVE ME LIKE.’ Come on, the trumpets alone made it one of our fave Omega X tracks! And then you know the rap verses are also extremely catchy. Are we the only ones that can picture this track being on ‘Just Dance?’ Especially with the breakdown part. The MV also has enough but does not overwhelm the choreo for the track.


From that first “‘VAMOS’ a la fiesta,” as Spanish speakers, yeah, we love it. The instrumental breakdown of ‘VAMOS’ also had us headbanging along with the boys. We can never talk enough about the rap verses in Omega X’s tracks, and this one, whew, is no exception. The MV also kept our attention the whole time, as there was no slowdown, and the beautiful settings jumped from one to another.


Also, from their first mini-album, VAMOS, ‘OMEGA X’ is maybe one of the first tracks you should check out from the group, as it shows off what the group is all about. You have the individual vocals, you got the raps, you got the harmonies, and you got the choreo. What else do you want? We are also suckers for tracks where the groups get to boast about themselves. 


‘LIAR’ has a different vibe than the other tracks on this list, which is mainly why we want you to check it out. OMEGA X doesn’t just succeed in making EDM-style music, but they can also slow it down. The guitar at the beginning of the track sets up what to expect from the rest of the song. We gotta admit, it has become our new fave sad bop, and we’ve added it to our sad playlist.


In the span of a couple of months ‘BAILA CON OX,’ their second Spanish track, had us and will soon have you, dancing along. Speaking of dancing, the dance break, though, is probably what got us hooked on the song, it had us hitting repeat. Okay, but who wouldn’t want to dance with Omega X? We would. Maybe then their dancing abilities would rub off on us.

Gif Source: Tenor

So, there you go, there’s five tracks to start you off with stanning Omega X. Did we fight ourselves on which tracks to pick? Yes, cause all Omega X does is release endless bops. This makes us excited for their upcoming comeback!

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