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4 Gemini Songs We Need To Hear On Tour

4 Gemini Songs We Need To Hear On Tour

It’s officially the new year, and with a new year comes a favorite thing of the THP team — new tour announcements. Korean R&B artist Gemini is starting off 2023 right with his first-ever North American tour in support of his most recent release, Still Blue. While Gemini can still be considered up-and-coming in the K-hip hop and K-R&B scenes, he has been making steady moves since his official debut in 2020, boasting collaborations with artists like Woodz, BIG Naughty, Kid Milli, and Minho. The THP team is beyond excited for his first North American tour, and here are 4 songs we absolutely need to hear on tour as well!

‘Do Me Right’

‘Do Me Right’ is the title track off Still Blue, the EP that Gemini’s tour will be promoting. With all honesty, it is a staple Gemini song and should be added to anyone’s K-R&B playlist. The song is about a former love who did Gemini wrong, how this ex-love only wasted his time and never “did him right.” The final bridge into the outro mildly feels like another song beginning but in the best possible way. It truly wouldn’t make sense for this song not to be performed on tour. That being said, we still have our fingers crossed and are manifesting it to be on the setlist.


‘MIA’ was Gemini’s official debut song in the form of a collaboration with Korean musicians CAMO and Woodz. The lyrics have a melancholy feeling of longing as the artists sing about falling in love with the idea of someone instead of who a person truly is. Between the chorus opening with “Everything around me, is some idea I found in something holy” and the crooning repetition of the song’s title, this is definitely going to be stuck in our head and something we hope Gemini performs on tour.


Despite being the second collaboration on the list, ‘UFO’ is still perfectly Gemini. Featuring K-indie singer Seori, the song has a much more upbeat instrumental compared to the previous two on the list. Still a love song, but the message is more about comparing finding your true love to seeing a UFO. It’s bittersweet at points but still upbeat and catchy, and Gemini and Seori’s vocals work incredibly well together.

‘mon amour’

This has to be one of our favorite songs on the list. Don’t worry, though, as that’s not to say we don’t adore the other three songs listed. There is just something about ‘mon amour’ that fits so many different instances in life. It’s the perfect background song for doing homework, relaxing on a rainy day, or going on a picnic with friends. The song is a love song to someone unnamed, but this time the lyrics are positive with no understated sorrow. Just like the lyrics say, “baby, you’re my kryptonite,” it’s safe to say that Gemini’s vocals and this song are our kryptonite.

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Gemini’s tour kicks off on March 16th in Toronto and ends on March 27th in Vancouver. Don’t worry, US fans. There are stops in the United States in between. Tickets for the Canadian dates can be found here, and for the American dates, the tickets can be found here.


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