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We’re Here To Tell You 5 Of Our Favorite Tyler Posey Songs!

We’re Here To Tell You 5 Of Our Favorite Tyler Posey Songs!

After the release of the Teen Wolf Movie, it’s safe to say we’ve been missing Tyler Posey a little extra in the music scene. Almost like he read our minds, Tyler released ‘Lemon.’ which is actually featured in the movie! (It gave us even more reason to watch the movie! We’re so proud of you, Tyler; here’s to the first soundtrack of many!)

The release of this new track got us thinking, “why don’t we tell our fellow fangirls our favorite Tyler Posey songs?” Flash forward to now, and here we are, telling you how much we love Tyler and his music! Let’s jump right into the list, shall we?

1. ‘Lemon.’

It only makes sense that the song that reminded us of our love for Tyler Posey makes it to our favorite song list. This song rubs our brains in just the right way. It’s perfect for a soundtrack, so Tyler nailed that when making this for the Teen Wolf Movie. We would pay insane amounts of money to hear this live. (No joke.)

The rasp in Tyler’s voice is something we’ve always loved about his voice, and that’s further confirmed in this song. His voice hits us like a truck every time we play the song, and we’re obsessed with it! If you aren’t a fan of Teen Wolf, this song alone should give you a reason to listen to ‘Lemon.’ It’s truly worth every listen. 

2. ‘Past Life’

If you were readers of The Honey POP when Tyler’s EP first came out, you know that we couldn’t get enough of this song. This remains a fact of our lives. It’s on so many of our playlists we can’t go anywhere without thinking about ‘Past Life.’ What can we say? When a song’s good, it shows.

There is nothing that could change our minds about how good this song is. It has everything we need to survive: good lyrics, Tyler’s stunning voice, and a beat we can boogie to. (We sincerely apologize for our use of the word boogie. It won’t happen again. (It will.))

3. ‘Sober’ 🛑 Warning: This Section Will Mention Addiction 🛑

Tyler Posey’s EP Drugs is about his battle with addiction, and the second song on the EP, ‘Sober,’ tells a painfully beautiful story. The whole song is about how hard being sober truly can be, and we admire Tyler for being able to share this with us.

‘Sober’ is so beautifully put together; we can’t tear our ears away when it starts. The song portrays a very real feeling that many people go through, and we think that he did an insanely courageous thing releasing this song. That is why since its release, we have been in love with it.

4. ‘Shut Up’ ft phem & Travis Barker

We knew this song was going to be amazing when we saw Tyler Posey’s name on it, but the features only confirmed it. These three made a beautiful track rendering us speechless. ‘Shut Up’ is just one of those songs that you can never listen to enough.

The song’s build-up is one of the coolest-sounding things we’ve ever heard! The power of the drums matching the power behind Tyler and phem’s voices truly melts together. They made magic, and there’s nothing else to it.

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5. ‘Don’t Try And Fix Me’

If we could just hand you guys Tyler Posey’s entire discography, we would, but we said we’ll keep it down to 5. Every single song on Drugs is filled with such raw emotion, and ‘Don’t Try And Fix Me’ is proof of that. The lyrics, the composition, everything is just a chef’s kiss.

How much money do you think it would cost for Tyler to come to play this song for The Honey POP’s 4th birthday? (Tyler, if you see this, we’re willing to give our pinky toes.) The power he puts into all of his songs is indescribable, and we’re obsessed with the way it makes us feel.

Whether you know Tyler for his acting career or his music, it’s clear that the man has talent. Can we hear it for how hard he’s working this year already? *Cue the entire THP HQ screaming and clapping* There is no doubt in our mind that Tyler will keep paving the way through 2023! We’re just happy to be along for the ride.

Have you heard ‘Lemon.’ yet? Have you had the chance to see the Teen Wolf Movie? Which of these T. Posey songs is your favorite? Run and tell us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can even join us on Discord, where we talk all things pop culture!


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