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‘Lemon’ Appears In Teen Wolf: The Movie, But These 3 Other Tyler Posey Songs Should’ve Gotten Their Moment Too! 

‘Lemon’ Appears In Teen Wolf: The Movie, But These 3 Other Tyler Posey Songs Should’ve Gotten Their Moment Too! 

Aside from some moments sprinkled in between (Ginny & Georgia, we’ll certainly let you have your flowers), music ingrained in teen dramas just no longer feels like it hits the same way anymore. We’re no longer sharing earbuds with One Tree Hill’s Peyton Sawyer’s as she shows off her collection. A musical parallel hasn’t come close to The O.C’s ‘Hallelujah’ as Marissa Cooper goes from being Ryan Atwood’s lover to dying in his arms. Only dialogue slips into the static where a soon-to-be charting hit helped build the tension. That’s why we’re all the more grateful for Teen Wolf: The Movie! Not only are we engulfed in nostalgia for characters we haven’t caught up with since 2017, but writer Jeff Davis and director Russell Mulcahy launched right into their recommendations to create the sort of soundtrack where you search for the song even during the scene.

One that we certainly Shazamed was Tyler Posey’s ‘Lemon.’ Having played the number one on the call sheet character Scott McCall for Teen Wolf’s entire stint, it was a no-brainer that he would eventually trade in his claws for his musical abilities. Those said abilities started off shy at first, as any new skill does, from playing guitar for Disappearing Jamie in 2012 to forming his own band in 2019, Five North! Now with Tyler maturing just like Scott, he’s playing even more with the idea of being an independent solo artist. Nothing makes this more like a personal scene-stealing music moment than having your own song played in a project that made you a household name. 


Squeezed into the ending credits, you can hear Tyler not howling but belting out the question, “Suckin’ on a lemon, will I ever get to heaven?” With the help of songwriter Phem, recorder Matt Malpass, and mixer Mike Miller, they specifically created ‘Lemon’ to fill that space in the movie. 

‘Lemon’ was a fun and unique song to write for a few reasons. First, it’s the ending credits song to my new movie Teen Wolf: The Movie, so it’s the first song on mine I’ll get to hear on the big screen. How sick is that? I’ve never written a song knowing it was going to be in a film. I really tried to capture the energy it would take to leave an audience feeling epic at the end of a movie.

Tyler Posey

The song poses the complexities of good versus so-called evil, wondering if, despite our demons gnawing at us, do we have it in ourselves to do the right thing. Or should we just “Run // Into the hills to get away?” The music video also throws many Tyler’s into the mix as he plays a cowboy, a priest, and even the status of a werewolf at the end of Teen Wolf: The Movie, you know, dead. Too soon? We’re sorry. However, Tyler knows the Teen Wolf universe perhaps better than anyone. So we thought we’d dive into his discography, even some from his band Five North, to see if any of them would fit other moments in the movie.


After all the paranormal twists and true alpha triumphs that Scott went through, the only thing we ever wished for him was happiness. Happiness comes in the form of an arrow-wielding Argent who can only remember her entire backstory because of him after she comes back to life. It’s an entire plot, but the cliff notes version is in the line “because I’m still in love with you.” Allison is Scott’s ‘Echo,’ which makes this love song by Five North even more sentimental. 

‘Someone Else’s Dream’

From the Stydia (that’s Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin) edits floating around Twitter, it’s safe to say that we all experienced shipping anguish after a scene where Lydia professes that she broke up with Stiles after having a dream that he died in a car crash. It’s one of the pitfalls of being a banshee, or it could just be chalked up to relationship anxiety, as some viewers argue, but either way, it surely strained her vocal cords as she refused to wail from that moment on. If there’s some left-over heartbreak, we suggest Tyler’s ‘Someone Else’s Dream.’ It’s got that buzzword in it, for starters! Secondly, we wonder if Tyler’s not the one having visions himself, as it’s also about a breakup. 

‘Back To The Day’

Take me back to the days when we were only 17,” Five North sings in ‘Back To The Day,’ and that surely comes true when the supernatural gang returns to the very mystified spot they spent their youths in. This track is so very longing, though, or should we say wistful? Such a juxtaposition from its dance track production that it eerily feels like something found on a So Fresh compilation album. For those jumble of reasons, we think it perfectly suits the scene where Eli drives Stiles’ jeep after his father, Derek, dies. 

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‘Lemon’ doesn’t just appear in Teen Wolf: The Movie but is also straight off Tyler’s new album UNRAVEL, coming on May 26. While we have to wait to hear the rest, we’re lucky enough to know the tracklist already. 

  1. ‘Get Out Alive’
  2. ‘Attic Mix’
  3. ‘Lemon’
  4. ‘Understand’
  5. ‘I Fall Alone’
  6. ‘Standing On The Edge’
  7. ‘Hands & Knees’
  8. ‘World Class Loser’
  9. ‘Gravity’
  10. ‘Shit Parade’
  11. ‘Piece Of Shit’
  12. ‘Don’t Mind Me’
  13. ‘Runnin’
  14. ‘Out Loud’
  15. ‘Sing’
  16. ‘Unravel’

What are your feelings relating to Teen Wolf: The Movie? Do you think there’s another Tyler Posey song that could better match your feelings than a full-on keyboard smash? Maybe it’s one of the songs from UNRAVEL that though knowing zilch about, the title just speaks to you. Tweet us to let us know @thehoneypop, and follow along on other social links, such as Instagram and Facebook


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