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Binge-Worthy Buzz: What’s Buzzing, Folks?

Binge-Worthy Buzz: What’s Buzzing, Folks?

binge worthy buzz

Hello there, honeybees, and welcome back to another Binge-Worthy Buzz. If you’re unfamiliar, this is our series where we give you a bunch of new recommendations of what to watch next. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Somewhere in Queens

In Somewhere in Queens, Ray Romano plays Leo Russo, an Italian-American living in Queens with his family. Leo’s life mostly consists of working in the family construction business and watching his only son, Sticks, be a basketball star in his high school games. And being a great player pays off for Sticks, who gets the chance to play basketball in college, which could change his life forever and give him a future away from the family business.

Leo jumps at the chance to see his son in college, but this bliss doesn’t last too long and circumstances threaten to completely derail Sticks from his path, prompting his father to go to great lengths to make sure his kid stays on this new path. Somewhere in Queens hits theaters on April 21.

Prom Pact

Prom season is only a few months away and a great way to get in the mood is to check out Prom Pact, Disney Channel’s new original movie. You see, it’s Prom season but different from her peers, senior Mandy Yang isn’t waiting for an over-the-top Promposal, she just wants to get into Harvard. But she receives a bucket of cold water to the head when she finds out she’s been put in the waiting list.

As an effort to get off the waiting list and into the school of her dreams, Mandy resorts to tutoring Graham Lansing, a guy she hates, but whose senator father is a former Harvard student. But, as it usually goes, Mandy soon finds out there’s more to Graham than meets the eye. Prom Pact premieres on Disney Channel on March 30 and on Disney+ the following day.

Peter Pan & Wendy

We love the story of Peter Pan, we’ve seen many iterations of it over the years ever since Disney released their first Peter Pan movie in 1953. And after that we fell in love with so many other stories based around the character, like Return to Neverland and the 2003 live-action Peter Pan with Jeremy Sumpter and Jason Isaacs as the famous enemies Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Now, at the end of next month, we’ll be seeing a new take on these characters in the form of the Disney+ movie Peter Pan |& Wendy.

The movie introduces us to Wendy Darling as a young girl about to leave her childhood home and afraid of the changes that might bring. This is where she meets Peter Pan, and we get to see one of our favorite scenes of all time: the Darlings flying to Neverland along with Peter and Tinker Bell. But of course, if you have Peter Pan, you have to have Captain Hook and his pirate crew to make things difficult for the protagonists. Peter Pan & Wendy comes out on Disney+ on April 28, and we’re not planning on missing it for anything.

History of the World, Part II

In 1981, Mel Brooks directed and starred in History of the World, Part I, a movie made up of comedy sketches that tell the story of human history through the years going from the dawn of time into the future, or what they imagined the future would be back in the 80s, at least.

Now, over 40 years later, Mel Brooks returns with a new cast, including Nick Kroll himself, for a sequel no one thought would ever happen but is, in fact, happening. On March 6, the series History of the World, Part II drops on Hulu so we can laugh all over again at the insanity of our own history.


19-year-old Jamie has only one thing on his mind when he boards the MS Sacramentum as a new recruit: finding his missing sister who disappeared while working on that same boat. And he’s racing against time to do it. Because of this scenario, we bet you can already tell this is going to be a thriller series, but it’s mixed with some comedy to balance things out.

While on the MS Sacramentum, Jamie learns all about cruise life and all the different cliques that exist among the staff members. He also learns pretty quickly that cruise staff are overworked and underpaid, and their way of coping with it involves partying below deck and some excesses. And these might be reasons why no one is aware of the murders happening on board, which force Jamie to play detective to uncover the truth. Wreck is currently available on Hulu.

Triangle of Sadness

Luxury cruises with a dark twist seem to be a thing on this edition of BWB, huh? This time, we’re talking about Triangle of Sadness, a thrilling comedy that shows us not everything is what it appears to be at first glance.

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The main characters are the super famous model couple, Carl and Yaya, who are invited on a cruise for super rich people. Up to this point, it all seems normal because that’s just a thing for celebrities, apparently. Everything is going fine until it isn’t anymore and the perfect vacation to make people jealous on Instagram turns into a nightmare after the ship is hit by a storm and the survivors are left stranded on a desert island. Triangle of Sadness is currently available on Hulu.

One Dollar Lawyer

There are many lawyer stories out there that we love, but the K-Drama One Dollar Lawyer gained a special place in our hearts because this story is too cute. Cheon Ji Hun is a young lawyer determined to take down people who think they can get everything they want just for being rich.

In order to do that, Ji Hun takes cases pro bono in order to fight for justice for the underprivileged members of society who are wronged by the rich and powerful. If this premise caught your eye, be sure to check out the show on Hulu as soon as possible.

And we’ve reached the end of this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list, and if you did, tell us! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook. And if you want more Movies and TV content in your life, feel free to check out more of our stuff on it!



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