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5 Things We Hope To See In ZOMBIES 3 When It Hits Disney+

5 Things We Hope To See In ZOMBIES 3 When It Hits Disney+

Lovers of Disney, star-crossed love stories, and the supernatural, get ready to hear about the movie event of the summer! We’re finally getting the third installment of Disney Channel’s ZOMBIES franchise and we’re losing our minds… or, brains. For those who haven’t seen the first two movies, ZOMBIES follows a group of students at Seabrook High – a school full of humans, zombies, and even a handful of werewolves. They fight for equality while celebrating their differences, sharing a powerful message of unity and acceptance! 

In ZOMBIES 2, we saw Zed and Addison’s adorable relationship continue and push through a few bumps in the road. A group of werewolves comes to Seabrook looking for a magical Moonstone that will help them keep their powers, and they eventually get to become students at Seabrook High and start getting along with humans. Meanwhile, Addison questions why she doesn’t quite fit in at school and tries to figure out if she’s a werewolf like her new friends, but the answer there is a no

ZOMBIES 3 will finally be hitting our screens when it comes to Disney+ on July 15th, so make sure you renew your subscription ASAP so you don’t miss it! But if you don’t have Disney+, don’t worry. The movie will get a second premiere when it comes to Disney Channel on August 12th with an extra-musical number to make the wait a little more worth it.

We thought we’d dive into our wishlist for the things we want to see in ZOMBIES 3, so let’s get started! We’re ‘Fired Up’ and ready to head back to Seabrook with our favorite characters.

So, Is Addison An Alien?

ZOMBIES 2 ends after Zed and Addison help the werewolves find the Moonstone to save their powers, then everyone heads home and an asteroid hits in the middle of town. Addison wakes up when she hears the crash, and her signature white-blonde hair starts glowing in the dark. A little crash-course for anyone who doesn’t know the story: Addison was born with whitish hair that she covers up with a wig in the first movie, but she doesn’t know why her hair is actually that shade.

Now that her hair glowed because of the asteroid, we hope we can finally find out the story behind Addison’s hair and why she doesn’t quite fit in with her human classmates! We already know that ZOMBIES 3 will introduce a few alien characters who want to participate in a cheer competition Addison is hosting: A-lan played by Matt Cornett, A-li played by Kyra Tantao, and A-spen played by Terry Hu. Maybe we’ll find out A-ddison is also on the alien list?

More Amazing Musical Numbers

This is pretty much a given when it comes to a Disney movie, but one of the things we’re most excited about is to hear the ZOMBIES 3 soundtrack. The ZOMBIES movies offer so many amazing songs that really help the story move forward and give you a closer look at what’s going on in the characters’ minds – for example, ‘My Year’ introduces us to the whole social hierarchy at Seabrook and ‘Gotta Find Where I Belong’ breaks our hearts while Addison is describing how left out she feels at school.

We already know the name of three new songs in the movie: ‘Alien Invasion,’ ‘Close Encounters,’ and ‘Come On Out,’ which the werewolves seem to sing to the aliens. We’ll get to hear the soundtrack through Walt Disney Records on July 15th, so even if you don’t have Disney+ to watch the film that day, you can still jump into the story through the songs!

Fun New Characters

Based on the poster art, we know we’ll see most of our favorite Seabrook students come back for ZOMBIES 3. From left to right, it seems to show us Bucky, Bree, Zed, Addison, Zoey, Willa, Wyatt, and Wynter. The cast will also see Zed’s best zombie friends, Eliza and Bonzo, coming back!

Image Source: Disney

But of course, we still have the alien characters to watch out for. As we mentioned earlier, we’re getting three alien cheerleaders, A-lan, A-li, and A-spen. The dynamic RuPaul Charles, best known for RuPaul’s Drag Race and and appearing for over 50 other shows and movies, will also be in the movie to voice The Mothership, the UFO that the aliens come to Seabrook in. How exciting!

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Another Rendition Of ‘Someday’

It’s become a tradition for each ZOMBIES movie to have a new version of Addison and Zed’s adorable duet, ‘Someday,’ and we’re thankfully getting another one in ZOMBIES 3! While we’re not sure what direction this rendition will take, it’ll probably make us more emotional than ever now that Zed and Addison are in their senior year at Seabrook High. They had their first kiss the last time we heard it, so we’ll be getting our tissues ready. 

Some Unity At Seabrook High

Speaking of Seabrook High, we think it’d be cool to finally see a new kind of “monster” accepted when the aliens head to town. We saw how the humans initially treated the zombies (spoiler alert: not well), and their harsh feelings towards the zombies even popped up in ZOMBIES 2. Also in ZOMBIES 2, both the humans and zombies weren’t very welcoming to the werewolves. Now that Seabrook will have four species going to classes together, we hope everyone can come together and spread kindness instead of hate.

Terry Hu’s role as A-spen is even the first time that Disney has had a nonbinary actor in a main role, which we’re so excited about! We hope ZOMBIES 3 is the first of many appearances for nonbinary actors and that Disney keeps making waves with diverse casts. 

So there we have it! What are you most excited to see in ZOMBIES 3 when it hits Disney+ and Disney Channel this summer? Tell us ‘Like The Zombies Do’ in the comments below or send us a ‘Call To The Wild’ on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more movies you can check out in the meantime, click here


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