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We’re Blown Away By Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness’ New Album, Tilt At The Wind No More

We’re Blown Away By Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness’ New Album, Tilt At The Wind No More

March was an extremely busy month for us music lovers. But, it’s not over yet because Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ new album, Tilt At The Wind No More has finally been released! Their first single, ‘Stars‘ was released back in August 2022, so it’s been a long time coming, and we’re so happy it’s here.

Before we dive in, we’d just like to say, Andrew McMahon has never put out a bad album. Ever. We really don’t know how exactly you do that over the span of two decades, but it’s true. Whether it be Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, or in the Wilderness, they were all fantastic. Spoiler alert: Tilt At The Wind No More is too. While we love every song on this album, here are our favorites.

‘Lying On The Hood Of Your Car’

This kicks off the album and really sets the tone. It’s a song about being young and feeling like the world is yours to take. There’s a sense of invincibility and that you’re just destined to do something great that we all can relate to at that age.

Our favorite lyrics:

“We were mapping avalanches
and collapsing solar systems,
Lying on the hood of your car,
We thought we could fly
to the planets and stars”

‘New Friends’

We can all laugh about it, but it is hard to make new friends or start new relationships, especially when you’re older. But, there is something special about not giving up on relationships. We could also definitely see this song being in a romcom at one of the pivotal points. It just sounds soundtrack ready.

Our favorite lyrics:

“I wish I could listen to metal
and all of your favorite bands,
But I promise I will
try to pay all the bills,
and water all of your houseplants.”

‘Little Disaster’

This song is about Andrew recollecting on the past and how it led to the present. It makes it comforting to know that things always work out, even if it doesn’t seem like they will.

Our favorite lyrics:

“It’s crazy how time can turn chaos and crime into magic”

‘Last Rites’

We always love a good love song, but this is just next level. The concept of soulmates is just something so beautiful and reassuring. And that’s exactly what this song is about. If we had to choose a favorite song, this would be it. Because also, relationship goals.

Our favorite lyrics:

“And when my body does release me,
for you, I will be back,
climbing through that cosmic zodiac.”

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‘Smoke & Ribbons’

‘Smoke & Ribbons’ is about accepting and embracing the twists and turns of life. This is a fantastic way to wrap up the album. Andrew’s daughter, Cecilia is also featured on the song! They just released the music video, which you can watch below.

Our favorite lyrics:

“I can feel you in my heart
like an ocean
I let you drive my car
I’m never looking back again
And everything I have,

No, I would never need
As long as you are here”

If you love these songs as much as we do, you have plenty of chances to hear them live. Not only are they playing some cool festivals like Four Chord Music Fest, but they’re also going on a headlining summer tour! For dates and tickets, click here.

What are your favorite songs and lyrics from Tilt To The Wind No More? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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