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5 Måneskin Songs We Need to Hear On Tour

5 Måneskin Songs We Need to Hear On Tour

Grammy-nominated Italian rock superstars Måneskin are at it again, embarking on another tour in 2023. With a discography boasting almost 50 tracks, both original songs and covers like their insanely popular ‘Beggin’ we know every song can’t be played on the tour. That doesn’t stop us from hoping that these 5 specific songs are added, though. 


The song, named after a murderous stalker fan, also tells the story of the dangers of fame – specifically stalker fans. Despite the serious nature of the song though, it’s an absolute banger of a song. The high-energy instrumental and highly danceable chorus makes this song the first one on our list of songs we will be dying to hear on their tour. We know that Damiano’s vocals live will be an experience that we need to experience, so we are dying for it to happen.


Another song off of the band’s newest album, Rush!, ‘La Fine’ is just as high energy as ‘Mark Chapman’ but in a completely different way. There is a spark of anger in the song, with the lyrics English translation saying “just know it’s not the beginning, it’s the end/Even the prettiest rose has its thorns” and “they treated me like a saint, then they judged me/glared at me as if I was a convicted criminal/when they’ll find evidence of my crime”. We may not know Italian fluently enough to sing along perfectly, but one thing we do know is that this song would be incredible live.

‘Sh*t Blvd’ 

An all-English track from their album titled Il ballo della vita, ‘Sh*t Blvd’ is a calmer song than the last two. That being said, it is still worthy of being on the list of songs we are dying to see on tour. With the message of the band not caring about what hate is thrown their way, they have their dreams which are their focus. It is a song that has a message that we all as music listeners need to remember sometimes, as life can be harsh enough without having to worry about the criticism that we may face from our peers. Honestly, there is just something about standing in a crowd of other Måneskin fans and singing “I just wanna fly away/because I don’t have time for you” that feels cathartic.


The song is about fearing the future but needing to stay strong for your dreams and it has that angry rock vibe that Måneskin is known for. A perfect recipe of Damiano’s rough vocals, the repeated Italian chorus that translates to “In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit” and the rest of the band going crazy on their respective instruments makes for a perfect live performance. It doesn’t help that this song is one of our favorites off the Tietro d’ira Vol 1 album that Måneskin put out.

‘Vengo dalla luna’

Honestly, this song is one that Måneskin hasn’t performed since 2017 (at least according to Youtube videos). When you hear the song, you’ll understand why we are dying to hear this song live. It’s high energy, it has an angsty rock sound that we love, and it’s been years since it’s been dusted off and performed live. What better way to kick off a world tour#ß1

The Måneskin tour is highly anticipated and while we know the setlist the band comes up with will be nothing short of spectacular as they’re spectacular musicians, one thing we do know is if even one of these songs ends up on the list we will be very happy bees.

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If you’re like us and itching to see the Eurovision winners on their tour, they’ll be in North America from September through October 2023 where they make their way to South America to finish out the month and start their November. After South America, they go to Australia for dates all over the country in late November before finishing up in Asia and Europe. Tickets for all stops are already available and one thing we know for certain, this tour is going to be a Rush!


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