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Macklemore, Vevo, & Goodwill Bins: The Making Behind ‘Thrift Shop’

Macklemore, Vevo, & Goodwill Bins: The Making Behind ‘Thrift Shop’


Perhaps you remember the first time you heard the words “I’m gonna pop some tag, only got twenty dollars in my pocket?” If you don’t remember the grip that this lyric and the song even, had on so many of us, you’re missing out! However, we won’t leave you in the dark with this bargain.  The fun, funky, and quirky rap about going to Goodwill instantly became a favorite of many. Macklemore and Rylan Lewis’ ‘Thrift Shop’ took over the radio, iPods, and school dances in 2012. The song effortlessly continues to have that power over listeners today. As of this year, ‘Thrift Shop’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be turning 11 come August! 

Macklemore isn’t the only one celebrating his accomplishments this year. Similarly this year, Vevo is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. Throughout the year Vevo will have various amazing special programming dedicated to celebrating all aspects of Hip-Hop. 

With this in mind, one of the many special programs being put on is Vevo’s Footnotes. The first installment of this series highlights is in collaboration with Macklemore on the iconic, ‘Thrift Shop.’

‘Thrift Shop’ Was And Still Is A Cultural Reset

Certainly, when reflecting on the past 10-plus years, Macklemore has been a leading rapper in the hip-hop space. Vevo collaborating with Macklemore first for The Making Of ‘Thrift Shop’ (Vevo Footnotes), resulted in a fantastic video. Macklemore breaks down the thought process, mindset, and production behind both the song and music video for ‘Thrift Shop’. Ultimately, as many of us know, ‘Thrift Shop’ is a piece of sticky music that gets stuck in our heads. 

The song is an earworm and that is due to the production that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put into it. In the video, Macklemore shares that ‘Thrift Shop’ was “one of the hardest songs we ever made in terms of production.” Their handwork paid off as the song was a success across audiences of all ages, and the music video has over 2 billion views. 

The magic of ‘Thrift Shop’ can not be missed in the production or the lyrics. The interview with Vevo explains more about how ‘Thrift Shop’ became a cultural reset. We learned a ton from Macklemore through watching this incredible breakdown. Most importantly, you will too. One aspect that we loved was the explanation of the story within ‘Thrift Shop.’

Although on the surface, the song is about the joys of thrifting and finding new, fun, and unique items to flaunt on a low budget, ‘Thrift Shop’ is way more than that. 

Macklemore focuses on the song being an indicator of having fun being yourself and not following the crowd. ‘Thrift Shop’ emphasized you don’t have to spend $50 on a Gucci t-shirt or $100 on a dress to be likable, worthy, or prove you’re a good person. You can, however, go spend $10 on a new t-shirt to look and feel authentically you. In a very fresh way, Macklemore is saying that a logo doesn’t make you cool. 

‘Thrift Shop’ is almost like the anti-flex


After all, what makes you cool is how you express yourself. You’re a rare find and your fashion, your personality, your self-expression is just as rare as you are. Be the anti-flex and stand out. 

Macklemore In The World Of Hip-Hop

Generally speaking, it’s not shocking that Macklemore put that much meaning behind ‘Thrift Shop.’ We have seen this pattern throughout his discography in ‘Same Love,’ ‘Drug Dealer,’ ‘White Privilege II,’ and from his new album Ben‘LOST/SUN COMES UP.’ For this reason, we can truly see why Vevo chose Macklemore to be the first in the Footnotes programming. 

The Seattle rapper has gone a long way and has made himself known as a reputable and talented rapper in the Hip-Hop space. At the same time, it is important to recognize the space that Macklemore takes up in the Hip-Hop space. Macklemore does a great job of explaining that himself in a recent interview with Nate Burleson. What Macklemore said in that interview aligns with the 50th celebration of Hip-Hop and will remain a timeless statement.

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Macklemore’s point is stressing the importance of remembering the origins of Hip-Hop from predominantly Black creators.

Hip-hop is inclusive, so there’s always been an open door to a certain extent. In certain moments, it was a little bit hard to push it open, back in the 90s. But, I am a guest. Em’s a guest. Doesn’t matter how good we get, doesn’t matter how great Eminem is, we’re guests in the culture, 100%. And that’s not to say that I don’t belong here. I absolutely belong here. But you still have to realize that this is not your house and that you are a guest.” 


As Vevo offers fans across the globe a variety of premium content of artists at every stage of their career, we are glad that Macklemore had the spotlight. 

Macklemore Is Our Fave Thrifting Trinket

From Goodwill in 2012 to ‘GOD’S WILL’ in 2023, Macklemore is our favorite thrifting find. All in all, Macklemore continuously reminds us to be us, be real, be fun, and be in the moment. Don’t wait around go watch the video and don’t forget to listen to Macklemore’s new album, Ben

Let us know what you thought was the best find in the ‘Thrift Shop’ video by sharing a comment below. Also, share your mind with us by sending a tweet on Twitter to @thehoneypop. Or let us know by visiting us on Facebook or Instagram. Macklemore is one of the many artists we love here at THP, you must check out who else is on our radar!


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