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Jagwar Twin Ignites A New Outlook On The Human Experience In ‘Great Time To Be Human’

Jagwar Twin Ignites A New Outlook On The Human Experience In ‘Great Time To Be Human’


There’s a new big cat out there that you have to check out immediately. This big cat has expressive and fierce vocals. They also happen to have a vibe that reminds us a little bit of Twenty One Pilots. We know that this one artist is one you have to get your claws into! Roy English is Jagwar Twin and he has a new single that you need to add to your human angst playlist. On April 14th, Jagwar Twin’s ‘Great Time To Be Human’ was unleashed for listeners to join in on his outlook on the human experience

‘Great Time To Be Human’ is quite an interesting song. It dances a fine line of the duality of what being a human presents. One aspect of the experience is the hearing of tragedy, the stories of manipulation, false friends, and bitterness. Meanwhile, there is a positive side. There are pockets of warmth, natural beauty in meadows, and the continuous cycle of life that will continue to grow out of destruction. 

Jagwar Twin is the type of artist that any alternative rock fan will completely enjoy, both in sound and lyrics. Even if you are not an alternative rock stan, this song will convince you that you should be!

Jagwar Twin’s ‘Great Time To Be Human’ Is On Repeat

Roy English is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who is known for making emotional and artistic music that never fails to move the listener. His songwriting abilities have crossed multiple genres of pop, R&B, hip-hop, EDM, and landing now in alternative rock. Therefore he is venturing further into his music career ventures as his alter ego Jagwar Twin. It’s a bonus that we get to explore this new era with him!

With ‘Great Time To Be Human,’ Jagwar Twin reflects on his development in self-discovery, authenticity, vulnerability, and desire to unite others through his music. He’s giving us music that reflects our lives and thoughts in different mirrors. We at THP love that Jagwar Twin is intentionally making music that is highly relatable, so no matter who you are, we can sing and dance to it together!

We have to tell you a few things about ‘Great Time To Be Human’ that have pushed us to have it on repeat. The chorus of the song is very sharp, energetic, and thrilling, which contrasts the lyrics in the verses. It gives the listener a chance to decompress and get hope after the angst. The beat from the instrumentation of the song is rich and immediately wants you to get up, stomp your feet, and move freely. 

The imagery that Jagwar Twin puts within his lyrics are stupendous metaphors for life experiences. For example, “they threw her a party with diamonds and spoons, but they were bloodsuckers with crocodile shoes (boo hoo),” is a brilliant line. The usage of diamonds, spoons, and crocodile shoes to indicate an exclusive high-class party. Bloodsuckers to represent the vampires in society who drain us. In fact, the crocodile shoes have two meanings. The crocodile shoes are accompanied by “boo hoo” to demonstrate crocodile tears. Altogether, that line falling after describing an event thrown for a friend struggling with getting older is genius work.

It’s an observation of the human experience. It can be pretty strange, but something about it is so beautiful.

Jagwar Twin

Don’t you think that is amazing? You’ll need to listen to ‘Great Time To Be Human’ to fully experience how astonishing this new release is!

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Jagwar Twin Is A Roaring Musician That You Can’t Miss Out On

We need you to continue listening to Jagwar Twin, it’s for your well-being. ‘Great Time To Be Human’ isn’t the only song we are going to leave you with, you know us better than that! You’ll want to turn up your volume and play his garage, alt-rock sophomore album33. From 33, we recommend ‘Online.’ which just so happens to be the first song on the album, so you know it’s good. Don’t forget to give ‘The Circle (0)’ and ‘Happy Face’ a listen, too! 

We have more news for you if you can’t get enough of Jagwar Twin! Along with the release of 33, he launched his digital Web3 universeHall of Mirrors to expand the fan and artist experience. If you’re looking for some real-life experiences, you’re in luck as Jagwar is on tour. He is on tour throughout April and May having shows throughout the U.S. 

We’re so excited to see how Jagwar Twin grows this year, and we hope that you join in on this excitement. Share with us below in the comments your thoughts on this alternative rockstar’s new release! It’s a ‘Great Time To Be Human’ as you can also send us a tweet @thehoneypop about Jagwar Twin. Or you can meet us in the comments on Facebook or Instagram


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