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Aly & AJ Hit Boston On The With Love From Tour

Aly & AJ Hit Boston On The With Love From Tour

Aly & AJ just completed their awe-inspiring With Love From Tour, a month-long U.S. tour with support from Miya Folick! We got to attend their Boston stop, the second-to-last night of the tour, and had an amazing time hearing a mix of classics and our recent faves live. If you missed out on this tour, don’t worry – we got you! We’re recapping our experience and taking you along with us.

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

Miya Folick

Opener Miya Folick captured the audience’s attention within seconds! With only her guitar and pianist Jacob Ungerleider, she performed a few favorites such as ‘Bad Thing’ and ‘Get Out of My House.’ Talking through most of her set, Miya gave us a good look into why she wrote what she did. Through friendships and looking back fondly on family memories, her experiences beautifully connected with the crowd, who loved every minute of her set.

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

With Love From

Aly and AJ have come a long way since they first started, and if you’re an avid listener, you would know that their sound has evolved with them over the past two decades. Now, as they have perfectly crafted a unique indie-pop sound, they invited their long-term fans into the process. With Love From is solely a project working through those feelings and offers a dedicated postcard in each song. This tour was an introduction to the album that dropped on March 15th, and it gave us an even deeper appreciation for the record.

Aly And AJ

The fans were living for the mix of both acoustic and upbeat songs, perfectly mixed in together while keeping everyone on their toes. Aly and AJ had loved every interaction they could get in-between songs making sure each fan felt seen. There was magic in the air as each song topped the next. Even from the upper mezzanine, you could hear clearly the words being sung back to Aly and AJ!

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

While it was such a bittersweet show, there had been a few moments that really stuck with us. Aly opened up about vulnerability and talked about their support of the Trevor Project. This part of the evening was met with absolute love from the crowd! Both Aly and AJ had talked throughout their show about how much these songs they have written had meant a great deal. It was clear that they brought their true selves into not only the writing process, but also into their performances. 

Throughout the night, we got to hear some of their most famous songs, including ‘Potential Break Up Song’ and ‘Slow Dancing! It felt special to be in a place that exuded love, especially in a city that holds a lot of memories for the artists. Wrapping this second-to-last show, they played 16 songs and 3 more during the encore. 

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

Make sure to keep a look out for any upcoming tour stops near you! This show was both healing to our inner child and one that helped create new memories. 

Set List

  • ‘Open to Something and That Something Is You’
  • ‘With Love From’
  • ‘Pretty Places’
  • ‘Love You This Way’
  • ‘Stomach’
  • ‘Talking in My Sleep’
  • ‘Take Me’
  • ‘Baby Lay Your Head Down’
  • ‘Sunchoke’
  • ‘Don’t Need Nothing’
  • ‘Potential Breakup Song’
  • ‘Slow Dancing’
  • ‘Church’
  • ‘Division’
  • ‘Tear the Night Up’
  • ‘Break Yourself’
  • ‘After Hours’
  • ‘Personal Cathedrals’
  • ‘Way of Nature Way of Grace’
  • ‘Rush’


  • ‘Blue Dress’
  • ‘6 Months of Staring Into the Sun’

Did you catch Aly & AJ this tour? What cities do you think they should they play next? Let us know by tweeting @thehoneypop or visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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