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Jonah Kagen Pulls On Our Heartstrings Remembering Love At ’18’

Jonah Kagen Pulls On Our Heartstrings Remembering Love At ’18’

The artist who is constantly waiting for a chance to convince you to pet his dog, Jonah Kagen, is back with his first song of 2023. Jonah Kagen gives the world a soft acoustic song filled with bittersweet nostalgia: ’18.’ In 2022, Jonah Kagen released his 7-track debut EP, georgia got colder. georgia got colder, is an album that warms us up and feels like a gentle hand we get to hold. In the same nature and amount of craftsmanship he put in the acoustic album, georgia got colder, he put into ’18.’ 

Jonah Kagen’s ’18’ is a song that can be cherished at any age, it’s multigenerational. It’s proof of Jonah’s wonderful and skillful songwriting. It makes sense when Jonah takes inspiration from Ed Sheeran, Noah Kahan, and Julia Michaels. Once ’18’ is played you’ll be transported back to what you believed love was when you were 18. 

Many songs are titled ’18.’ Artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, and Khalid have songs with the same title. These songs focus on ’18′ as it’s an age when we think we are officially adults, gaining a sense of freedom, testing vulnerability, experiencing first loves and losses, and figuring out who we are.

Those of us who are over 18 know that it’s a much more complex, complicated, and messy, yet at times a beautiful experience. We will have a perspective on how much those relationships impacted our lives, hopefully for the better. Those of us who are not yet 18, have an ideology of what being 18 is like. The sense of I can be extremely risky, ready to leave it all, and feels like the world is against you and your friends and relationships. From that perspective’18’ is about how scary the idea of losing a relationship can be when they feel intense. Regardless of whether you relate to this heartfelt song, you will find yourself not getting tired of Jonah Kagen’s ’18.’ 

Jonah Kagen Reminds Us That ’18’ Isn’t All Too Bad

Once hearing this song, you’ll know this is an intimate song that will put you back to those unforgettable moments. Jonah Kagen in ’18’ explores and narrates the experience of how relationships form and fall apart. One moment relationships can feel like the hottest Georgia summers. Then the relationships can feel like they are melting like snow. You cling to what is left of them so desperately wanting to rewind to simpler times. ’18’ will allow you to get lost in the moments that you keep as secrets in your pockets. The first verse of ’18’ is about being somewhere in the back of the car and that is repeated again at the end of the song. That piece of the story is a key moment in the storytelling. 

The part of ’18’ that really got to us is within the second verse. He is describing being in a college dorm and not going out with friends laying on the bed with his phone on his chest. It’s an interesting line. It sounds like the person he is singing about is in the room laying beside him and he decides to stay in with them. However, we also think that the phone is a metaphor.

The phone is the only way for him to imagine the person being near him, to hear them, to imagine them breathing with him. Taylor Swift and 5 Seconds of Summer have alluded to phones being the only way to see their partner’s faces. Why wouldn’t Jonah do that for their entire body? Thus this perspective results in Jonah staying in and avoiding going out in hopes of hearing from his partner to get an ounce that the relationship is still alive. 

Jonah Kagen Invites Us To Be Intimate And Nostalgic In ’18’

We are lighting our rose-scented candles. Turning off the lights. Then we go to lie in our beds as memories play out as ’18’ is in the background. Especially during the chorus when Jonah sings, “Don’t you know what we could’ve been, made to love we were younger then. Oh, I’d do it all again.” Jonah does something remarkable in the lyrics of the chorus. They are short and simple, but very heavy. It’s a dual perspective of an 18-year-old wanting to rekindle a relationship while on the other hand, an older adult doesn’t regret taking the chance at love. Again to repeat, ’18’ is a multigenerational song. 

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’18’ is a song that I never thought anyone in the world except myself would ever hear. It’s about falling in love as a kid and how that same love can go from absolutely everything to nothing in just a few minutes. I wrote this song from the deepest part of my being, and I hope you find your own story somewhere in the lyrics.

Jonah Kagen

We just became even bigger fans of Jonah Kagen because of ’18’ and readers, we know you will too. Jonah is one 23-year-old artist that needs to be a part of your listening history. He has almost 2 million listeners and you need to be one of them if you aren’t already. Also, if you’re wanting to experience Jonah beyond the headphones and see him live you’re in luck! Jonah is joining our beloved witchy Maisie Peters during her upcoming US tour

You know us, THP, and we need your thoughts and opinions on ’18’ and Jonah Kagen! Don’t leave us ‘broken’ by not commenting below or finding us on our socials @thehoneypop. We can’t wait to meet you in the comments. 


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