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Moments With Mýa: A Look Back At Her Debut And Celebrating Mýa (Deluxe)

Moments With Mýa: A Look Back At Her Debut And Celebrating Mýa (Deluxe)

Mýa has been an industry leader and innovator for twenty-five years. Can you believe it? From her iconic debut album in 1998, which set the tone, Mýa has continued to succeed in multiple avenues, including dance, acting, and entrepreneurship, after starting her own independent label in 2008. We’ve seen her in movies like Chicago and heard her on the radio with artists like Missy Elliott, Sisco, and more. Now, Mýa is celebrating her career with the release Mýa (Deluxe), an extension of her stunning self-titled album.

How has Mýa maintained longevity and momentum in her career? She says once that’s something you decide you want, you find a way and follow your joy. If you put pure love and work into your craft, you can wake up every day with enthusiasm to put your best foot forward and create those opportunities. With those in hand, you can see a return on your investment and durability in this industry. Mýa has put those wise words into action, showing her determination and passion have paid off in these twenty-five years. Let’s take a look back at some iconic songs from her debut album and learn a little more about Mýa’s journey.

There’s so much more work to do. So much more growth and evolution to happen for me personally…


‘It’s All About Me’

Serving as her debut single, ‘It’s All About Me’ laid the stage for an incredible career. An instant classic, Mýa instantly captured the fans of millions with her smooth vocals, undeniable charm, and captivating dance moves (which Mýa choreographed herself!) Mýa came out to prove she was going to be a major player in the music world and succeeded. Really, she proved it is all about her, and we like it!

One thing I’m most proud of from the debut is being so young and maintaining my composure through uncertainty, just being very green in a brand new environment with so many different people all of the time, under pressure. Holding on… and not beating myself up. I’m very proud of the slow journey.


Although Mýa wouldn’t categorize herself as a mentor, it’s no secret that she has played a part in paving the way for upcoming artists. Calling everyone to express themselves and find their calling, Mýa and her career hold up to the test of time and is definitely a milestone that can be strived for by all new talents.

She herself learned from other artists, finding inspiration in collaboration or drawing from the work of other artists. Take her single ‘My First Nigth With You’ for example.

‘My First Night With You’

‘My First Night With You’ may be a cover, but Mýa definitely made her own. She breathed fresh new life into the song giving it her own flare. In a whimsical fantasy-inspired music video, it follows Mýa as she navigates her way through a magical first love and all the joy that it can bring. Even after all these years, this is one of our favorites! What’s even better? Mýa (Deluxe) has a Spanish version we’re just as obsessed with.

I’ve learned from the listeners and the viewers to never box anyone in. We’re all multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and not to box myself in either.


‘Movin’ On’

Taking us back to those high school days of gossip, passing notes…and heartbreak, ‘Movin’ On’ is all about knowing your worth and leaving a relationship that’s no longer serving you. That’s a message that we can all relate to no matter what walk of life we’re in. Confronted by the realization her boyfriend isn’t being loyal, Mýa learns that there might be someone out there willing to give her the love she deserves.

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Each waking day I start with gratitude just for existence, and life, and breathe in my body… I think a part of my empowerment is to unlearn, unprogram, unplug, and start at the basics.


As a role model for other young women everywhere, often singing songs that encourage us to find or take back our power, Mýa finds herself connecting with nature and not allowing herself to be heavily influenced by the outside world to the point where it’s impairing in order to achieve her own empowerment.

For more than two decades, Mýa has been a shining light and a true testament that with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of faith, anything is possible. She has been an inspiration for aspiring artists and fans alike and is sure to have many momentous moments and successes in the future! Make sure you show your support by streaming Mýa (Deluxe) now!

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