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5 New Songs To Vibe To Thanks To WIINSTON’s THE LAST DAYTONA

5 New Songs To Vibe To Thanks To WIINSTON’s THE LAST DAYTONA

Our favorite thing to do to get us ready to get through another week is to listen to those new projects that drop during the weekend. We love to add new songs to our playlists, and WIINSTON just dropped a perfect album to enjoy while we commute to work or school or when we are trying to get lost in some tunes during our free time. THE LAST DAYTONA includes incredible R&B production and some honey vocals we want to share with you! Let’s go through our favorite tracks from this new album:

‘tick in blue’

‘tick in blue’ is the newest single released with the project, and it’s such a perfect track to start your journey into WIINSTON’s discography. This song combines an amazing beat and a powerful message about how society now only thinks about going viral on social media. We’re less aware of what’s really going on in the world, and we’re more focused on getting our ten seconds of fame. We love that this message is so easy to listen to with its vibey tune!


WIINSTON released this track back in January as a single, and we’re so glad it got included in THE LAST DAYTONA. The catchy flow from the chorus just sells this song to us, and the lyrics “I do harm when I dream ’bout you, I do harm to everyone I really care for” is a great follow-up to it. It’s a great track to listen to by itself or to listen to it while following the album’s tracklist!

‘joel’s piano’

We fell in love the moment we hit play on this song. ‘joel’s piano’ is the most beautiful track from this album, as it starts with a classical instrumental that gives us chills followed by a more techno beat. We love how we can listen to both genres blending together in this track, and it’s perfect for blasting through your car’s speakers! 🚗


‘apart’ focuses on those feelings we experience when we’re really distanced from those that we love. As with previous tracks from this album, the beat just doesn’t miss! The lyrics also touch that sensitive part of our hearts, especially with the verse “tell me, do you feel it when we’re apart? I’m hoping that our love makes sense that far.” Those long-distance relationships pop into our heads when we listen to this song, and we hope we can see them soon! ❤️‍🩹


THE LAST DAYTONA‘s ninth track has some details we haven’t checked out in previous songs in the album. For example, during the repetition of the hook and the chorus, we can listen to a layer of production that resembles brass instruments. It’s such a unique addition, and we think we’re ‘unlikely’ from getting this song off our playlists!

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What’s your favorite tune from WIINSTON’s THE LAST DAYTONA? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more coverage on our favorite latest releases, click here!


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