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3 Powerful Reminders From ‘this is what losing someone feels like’ by JVKE

3 Powerful Reminders From ‘this is what losing someone feels like’ by JVKE

You might recognize JVKE for his chart-topping hit ‘Golden Hour,‘ but it’s time to enter sad hour and know him on a deeper level through his release ‘this is what losing someone feels like.’ This powerful track has been gaining attention for the beautiful melody, raw vocals, and it’s partnership with the 988 crisis line. Ultimately, the song acknowledges the difficult topic of loss and the new music video release compliments this message. The video is stripped back from any mass production and features clips of JVKE’s family and loved ones. To mark the release of the vulnerable music video, we’ve picked out three powerful reminders to hold onto.

How We Use Our Time

We do spend a lot of our time listening to the catchy tunes of JVKE’s songs but it’s the lyrics of ‘this is what losing someone feels like’ that really got us thinking. In his song, JVKE reflects on the time he wasn’t present for the people he loved. In this video, JVKE gives us time to see his loved ones. Time is valuable, and we never have enough of it.

In a fast world, it’s easy to get lost in our own schedules and forget about the people who matter most. But JVKE reminds us to cherish those around us. Importantly, he tells us to make time for them. As he sings “shoulda went for coffee on that morning that you stopped me” and “shoulda picked my phone up every time you tried to call me,” we couldn’t help but think about missed opportunities. So let’s take this song as a reminder to open our schedules and make time for those we love.

Say ‘I Love You’ More

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are overlooked, like telling someone you love them. Here, JVKE reminds us “its not that complicated when you love someone you tell them that you do.” Regardless of vulnerabilities, the truth is that expressing love doesn’t come at a cost. Love language can vary but using these words is incredibly powerful. So, lets take a moment to tell someone we love them today. It may just make their day!

Reminiscing On The Past

Within this song, JVKE delves into the pain of looking back and blaming yourself for missed opportunities. With the lyrics like “feels like my heart is torn in two and you took the other half with you,” JVKE reminds us how often people feel the weight of regret. Particularly, the line “but you didn’t make that call and now you live with regret.”

However, the song is about acknowledging what you can do in the present. JVKE reminds us that it’s about taking present action to make sure we don’t miss out on moments with the people we love. We may not have control over future inevitabilities, but we do know we chose where we direct our energy. So, let’s use this song as a reminder to live in the present and cherish the moments we have with family, friends and loved ones.

Stream ‘this is what losing someone feels like’ right here, right now!

What messages did you take home from JVKE? Let us know @thehoneypop!

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