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Yoongi Shows The World Who He Is Outside Of Agust-D And Suga In New Documentary

Yoongi Shows The World Who He Is Outside Of Agust-D And Suga In New Documentary


“A to the G, to the U, to the STD. I’m D-boy because I’m from D.” The D-boy from D (Daegu) is back with his third installment of Agust-D. A fast tongue quick hitter rapper Min Yoongi also known as Agust-D or better known by his main stage name Suga has released his official documentary on Disney+. Suga is an artist who has an active mind and a strong keen on making himself into music through his desire to tell stories. In his documentary Suga: Road To D-Day, we get insight into Suga’s creative process for his recent album D-DayMost importantly in Suga: Road To D-Day, we don’t only get to see Suga become Agust-D his arcane alter ego, but we get to see the man at the core of the artist. We see the person that is Yoongi and how that drives who he is in his music as Suga and Agust-D.  

Suga: Road To D-Day Is One That The ‘People‘ Love

Suga: Road To D-Day follows Suga as he travels to various places around the world in hopes of finding inspiration in every location he ventures into. In the documentary, Yoongi makes a big deal about his travels. This was the first time he had actively gone on a vacation since debuting in 2013 with BTS. BTS did take a hiatus in 2019, however, unlike his fellow bandmates, he works on D-2. Suga: Road To D-Day also shows Suga’s concept of rest, moments of burnout, stress, vulnerability, and the importance of having a balance of fun and work. Suga: Road To D-Day rips away the alter-egos (stage names) of Suga and Agust-D and exposes Yoongi and rebuilds our understanding of Suga and Agust-D from that.  

We have a few favorite moments of the Suga: Road To D-Day documentary that we can’t hold back any longer. If you have not watched the documentary and want to avoid spoilers this is your warning to not scroll any further. You should only watch the trailer and come back when you’ve watched Suga: Road To D-Day.   

Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From Suga: Road To D-Day Are A ‘Haegeum’ 

We know that you’re saying ‘give it to me’ and we will. We have been waiting to talk about this documentary since we watched it. With Yoongi we laughed, we cried, and we felt even more proud of him by the end. Now let’s ‘Run’ and go to our favorite moments from Suga: Road To D-Day. 

1. Yoongi Seeing That Steve Aoki Is Indeed A BTS Fanboy

The interaction between Yoongi and Steve Aoki was extremely wholesome. We loved seeing their relationship as friends and musicians. Intriguingly, Yoongi thought that Steve Aoki only support him and BTS because he was also Asian. This shows us that Yoongi greatly undermines his talent and likability. Watching Yoongi be in awe of Steve’s BTS collection had us cracking up if watching. Especially when he saw that there was a new poster up and there were custom paintings of them on Steve Aoki’s shelves. If Yoongi is speechless about that maybe we should just close our bedroom doors so he doesn’t have to see the high amount of BTS memorabilia we’ve collected over the years. 

It was cute too seeing Yoongi do his big authentic smile as he jumped on Steve Aoki’s indoor trampoline. Additionally, the conversation between Steve and Yoongi talking music, production, and listening to each other’s work in a bright welcoming studio was entertaining. Steve Aoki from the moment Yoongi entered his studio you could tell that Steve was ready to give Yoongi the world. As Yoongi played his early samples of D-Day, Steve Aoki was amazed. “Suga’s a musical genius,” he said in awe of what he was in the process of creating. 

2. D- Day Pitching

It’s always really cool to watch artists go through the creation process of a new album. Yoongi is so creative and deeply methodic about how he produces and pitches his ideas for his music. The D-Day pitching was fascinating as we were able to see how Yoongi needed to be confident in his craft and vision. He knew exactly what he wanted to do even before he fully completed D-Day. His mind is always 10 steps ahead which can explain the struggles he did have with figuring out which idea to pull out first. 

Fortunately for Yoongi, he has an amazing friend on his side that made it possible to pitch with confidence: Jimin. The little Yoonmin moment was sweet and vulnerable as Yoongi explained ‘Amygdala.’ That moment in their friendship aided in Yoongi pitching ‘Amygdala’ and ‘Haegeum’ to his team flawlessly. 

3. The Entirety of ‘Amygdala

Over the years we have seen Yoongi slowly soften up and become more vulnerable to ARMY and other members of BTS. In Suga: Road To D-Day, we see how Yoongi has used the alter ego Agust-D as a way of coping with turning 20, life issues, his depression, and life as he turns 30. Through August-D he can reach into those dark unspoken things that make him feel haunted. 

‘Amygdala’ is one of the first songs that we have heard in a long time by Yoongi that reached into our soul and gently pulled it out to tell us it’s ok to not be ok. ‘Amygdala’ is very important to Yoongi as the song blends his past and present together as he tries to move forward with his trauma. The way the song referenced his mom’s illness and heart surgery, his accident that resulted in his shoulder surgery years later, and his dad’s cancer diagnosis had us crying. 

‘Amydala’ is a song that feels like an ugly cry therapy session where you let everything out. It’s a song that unpacks memories and figures out ways to rewire how we respond and react. All of us have had moments and experiences we wish that we could wipe clean to erase, but we know we can’t. Yoongi in the live performance of ‘Amygdala’ doesn’t hold back his emotion of that longing to never have had to know those experiences and feelings but he knows he can work on how he copes with it. This song and moment in Suga: Road To D-Day was a heart-to-heart chat with a friend. 

4. Yoongi Being Awestruck With Ryuichi In Tokyo

We know we don’t have to say much here but the way Yoongi was majorly fanboying when he met Ryuichi. It’s not every day that you get to meet the pianist who greatly inspired your approach to music. Yoongi was extremely smiley and energetic in the interaction as he soaked in that moment with Ryuichi. He is just like us and internally freaking out while meeting your fave! 

It was even more special when Yoongi played ‘Snooze’ for Ryuichi. ‘Snooze’ is a song that is about how it’s not easy for a musician to feel ok in their career or within themselves. This song is so important to those who aspire to be in the music industry to not give up their hopes. We especially enjoyed Ryuichi listening to it and telling Yoongi that perhaps, ‘Snooze’ is also for himself. Yoongi seemed so relaxed and more bright after that conversation as if he needed to hear that about ‘Snooze.’ 

We’re beyond thankful that Yoongi didn’t succumb to his burnout and stress by quitting music. Yoongi to music is oxygen to the lungs, one can’t be thriving without the other. 

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5. The Live Performances

Hello! Who doesn’t enjoy a live performance by Yoongi as Agust-D? The songs that were played gave us an insight into what to expect on D-Day. The live performances are the perfect tease too for those who were able to get tickets to see Yoongi on his solo tour. Ugh, hearing Yoongi rap live is a blessing for all of us. Perhaps it’s time for us to watch Suga: Road To D-Day again. 

“You Can Make Music With Any Sound” – Ryuichi

Suga: Road To D-Day is not the only documentary on Disney+ for new, current, and old fans of BTS to enjoy. You can watch BTS: PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA on the platform. You can also find the documentary behind J-Hope‘s second solo album Jack In The Box, j-hope IN THE BOX. If you’re wanting to catch V (Taehyung) in another reality tv show about venturing off on a surprise trip with a few of his friends (I.e., Park Seojun, Choi Wooshik, and Peakboy), you should see IN THE SOOP: Friendcation.  

You know that we can not get enough of BTS and each of the members individually. This spoonful of Suga was delightful and is a can’t miss documentary. Whether you’re an ARMY or not, we have to know about your favorite moments in the documentary! You can let us know by being like Yoongi and producing a comment below. Or you can find us on our socials on Facebook and Instagram or feel free to send us a tweet @thehoneypop. 

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