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Bre Kennedy’s ‘Navigating’ Is A Token Of Optimism About Growing Up

Bre Kennedy’s ‘Navigating’ Is A Token Of Optimism About Growing Up

There’s something weird about the process of growing up. As young kids, it seemed so magical that we could do whatever we wanted and couldn’t wait to get there. Years fly by from being 5, to 16, 18, upwards into our mid-20s and soon-to-be early 30s. We end up coming to terms that we can’t do everything we want because it’s come too quickly without proper direction. Growing up is trying to reach a destination (that we’re still figuring out) without a map or GPS. It’s full of love, pain, healing, hurting, laughing, crying, finding, getting lost, spiraling, wholeness, joy, and much more. Bre Kennedy’s ‘Navigating’ is a new single that captures that complicated, sometimes world-shattering, continuous feeling. It’s time to press play on this pop single release and get pulled into Bre Kennedy’s world!

From Start To Finish, Bre Kennedy’s ‘Navigating’ Is A Realistic Story Of Growing Up

Navigating’ is a song that feels that you’re being accompanied on the journey into adulthood which at times can feel extremely lonely. However, there’s something comforting about the fact that everyone is lost in the chaos of the good, bad, pretty, and ugly. Isn’t it lovely when an artist talks about a life experience you’re also having? Bre uses a conversational approach in this song, and it feels like you are sitting on a couch with a friend sharing a parallel storyline. With Bre as your friend, you’re not feeling alone in it.

The theme of growing up being turbulent one moment and then smooth sailing is important to hear. On Bre’s ‘Navigating,’ you’ll hear it in the lyrics and the instrumentation. Such lyrics as “My brother called last night. He said the worlds falling on his head in the dark with no headlights,” really hit home. If anyone is an older, or even younger, sibling, knowing that one of your closest family members feels this way is partially devastating. It’s also partially relieving that you’re not alone and together you will go blindly into the adult unknown.

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Bre Kennedy’s ‘Navigating’ Is A Universal Message For All

The repetition of “Go left, go right, go upside down. Go inside ‘til it comes out,” in the exit chorus is exactly what the chaos of adulthood feels like. You’re trying to figure out for yourself, for others, and for that inner child in you who is a bit afraid. Without a doubt, the closing of the song feels hopeful despite being in a raw spiral of “I don’t know, but I’m going.” We’re not going to spoil the lyrics of the chorus, that is something that you’ll need to hear for yourself.

It started after I had a conversation with my little brother about how heavy life can feel, because he was going through a rough time. He was asking me all of these questions about life and how I do it. I just had to say we’re all navigating.

Bre Kennedy

However, we aren’t going to let you go right into the song just yet without highlighting the instrumentation. We hands-down loved how the song opened. The use of what sounds like an out-of-tune piano is played in a minor chord. A minor chord out of tune piano opens the song feeding into this melancholia of the opening verse. Bre, you are a genius for that being the opening of ‘Navigating.’ An opening like that, notably, leans into this brush of sadness we all have felt.

Despite the opening of the song being in a minor chord, the song turns into a major key. If you don’t know, minor keys feel darker and gloomy. However, major chords are more light and hopeful. Thus, matching the tone of hopefulness and striving for optimism. On ‘Navigating,’ Bre does what we all do naturally – breathe and hope for the best outcome in the unknown. With this in mind, she pairs bittersweet lyrics with upbeat chords that provide anticipation of freedom. Our favorite part is the quick guitar strumming in the closing verse that feels like we’re running. Running towards something hopeful. That’s all that life is: we are all simply energetically ‘Navigating,’ to get to where we can be ourselves with peace.

There Is Always A Chance To Find Brightness In ‘Navigating’ Adulthood

Bre Kennedy did a marvelous job in telling a powerful story in ‘Navigating.’ We highly encourage you to listen to more of her music! She has so many additional amazing and raw emotional songs that touch deep into your soul. You need to check out ‘Before I Have Daughter,’ ‘Note To Self,’ and ‘North.’

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We hope that you enjoy Bre and ‘Navigating’ as much as we do! ‘Navigating’ is a song that sparks empowerment and solidarity into this weird life full of tumbles and triumphs. This song belongs in a very special place in our hearts and we know it will in yours, too. Share with us in the comments below how you connected with ‘Navigating.’ What about this song made you feel seen? We can’t wait to see your answers! You can also share your love for Bre Kennedy and ‘Navigating’ on our socials. Find us on Facebook and Instagram by leaving comments there or sending us a tweet @TheHoneyPop.

We can’t wait to be taking a step in ‘Navigating’ this life with you all. If you want to find more pop musicians to fall in love with, we have everything you need here!


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