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Exclusive Interview: Arrows in Action Are Seriously Built To Last

Exclusive Interview: Arrows in Action Are Seriously Built To Last

Arrows In Action

After reaching 279K TikTok followers, and 3.3 Million likes, it’s no wonder Arrows in Action may have flooded your TikTok FYPs as of late with the tracks like, ‘Uncomfortably Numb,’ and our favorite track ‘Head in the Clouds.’ They’re a group out of Gainesville, Florida, that we believe is on the way all the way up. And we mean that we can see Arrows in Action making some permanent traction in the pop-punk scene. And guess what? We were able to talk to the group, which made us so excited as we are huge fans of them!

So keep scrolling as we talk to the group about their upcoming album, Built To Last, what tracks made the list, and what else we can look forward to from the group, Check it all out down below! And don’t forget to check out their debut album Built To Last👀

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Hi and welcome to The Honey POP, we are really stoked to talk to you, especially after hearing Built To Last. What track off the album best describes how y’all are feeling right now?
We’ve got our ‘Head(s) in the Clouds’ right now! Collectively so excited about how the album rollout has been going as well as looking forward to the biggest headlining tour we’ve done. There are so many things in the near future that we’re just so stoked about!

So a debut album is a pretty big deal, but we want to also talk about your take off on TikTok. With the tracks you showed off on the app, was it the reaction you thought you would get? Also, how do you think TikTok has helped you as a group?
With how broad of an audience Tik Tok has, it’s hard to fully understand how well any promotion might go or how it will be received there. After the surprising Tik Tok success of ‘Uncomfortably Numb’ we really had no idea what to assume about the next song we’d start promoting would do, especially since that next single (‘Put You Through Me’) would be so different sonically than anything we’d put out previously. We were incredibly happy with how well ‘PYTM’ did as well and we’ve been working hard to continue promoting all of the singles from the album.

TikTok has given us a platform to reach so many more people than we had previously. Especially for Independent artists, Tik Tok has been an incredible tool and has become an essential part of promoting our music.

We got to hear an early listen of the album, and we love it so much! We’ve been dying for new music like you guys release. How important do you think is it to release tracks about finding yourself in the world? What is a major point you hope people can take away from it?
We believe that putting those lived experiences about finding and learning to understand yourself in the world really helps others relate to those same things that they’re going through. It can help so much to hear that you’re not the only one going through these emotions, whatever the situation may be. It’s been nice to see that just writing about our own experiences can be helpful to our listeners in vastly different situations than our own. 

We hope this album is a reminder that it’s okay to not know where you’re going, but to take care of your own mental health and to stay connected with your loved ones along the way.

The album has a good mixture of genres and sounds, was there any specific one you all liked, and are possibly leaning towards having your next release sound like?
We had an awesome time working together in all of these different directions and did our best to find a center for all of them. Likely this will be a trend in our future 🙂

We were so happy to see that ‘High’ made it to the tracklist! How did you guys put together the instrumentals, especially the strings?
It was clear from the start the ‘High’ would be a really new feel for us. It started largely with the bass-driven track and finding the attitude of the vocals and lyrics. Then the next sessions we added all the bells and whistles of the synths and production, along with the guitars to really accent the eccentric nature of the song.

The album has 13 tracks in total, which is a pretty good amount for a first album, how did you pick which ones made the cut especially since most were previously released tracks?
It wasn’t until shortly after we wrote ‘High’ that we started prepping for a full album release. We knew pretty early on that ‘PYTM,’ ‘Over It,’ and ‘High’ would be on the album because they were a part of this story that we wanted to tell. The next 10 tracks that we wrote had the intention of contextualizing and fleshing out the theme that we ended with.

What track was your favorite to put together? And which one do you think you had more difficulty putting together?
‘Checking In’ was likely the song we had the most fun putting together, we wrote and largely finished that song in a cabin up in the mountains and the vibes were just at an all-time high. Every time we’d put the song on we’d be dancing around the living room whether it was 9am or 2am.

‘Wide Eyes’ went through the most changes over the course of its creation, and all we had at the start of it was a riff and melody that turned into the pre-chorus of the song. All the more love for the song with the effort that went in, and of course the epic as hell feature from The Home Team that we were so stoked to make happen.

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We love that ‘The Credits’ had Magnolia Park as a feature! Your voices really blend well together, how did it come together? Was there more pressure when recording it?
‘The Credits’ was written back in 2021 shortly after the release of our Be More. EP. We had that demo for a while and we knew we wanted to add a feature (or two!) to it. We had reached out to Loveless about adding a vocal part to the song, and Magnolia Park got wind of this collab via Twitter and reached out to us about making it the epic Trifecta that it is. There was zero pressure in recording or releasing the song as we were so confident in ‘The Credits’ and their additions to it that we were just excited that we got to make it happen.

Finally, our favorite question is, what can we expect from Arrows in Action for the remainder of 2023?
Expect A LOT! Built to Last stands as the largest release of our career, and the accompanying tour is our largest headlining tour yet. You can expect more tours, more music, and more shenanigans from Arrows in Action. Thanks for having us on The Honey POP!

Image Source: Zach Pigg

We are loving Arrows in Action, what about you? Let us know what you think in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram.

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