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‘Throw A Dice’ And Hope The Planets Align With XODIAC

‘Throw A Dice’ And Hope The Planets Align With XODIAC

We have seen dramas with fantastic soundtracks, and songs that would make superb dramas, but now we finally have a song that does both. The music really feels like a three-minute drama; stay with us it will make sense eventually, so let us introduce you to XODIAC and their mind-blowing music!

Debuted in April 2023, XODIAC is a nine-member boy band consisting of members Hyunsik, Zayyan, Beomsoo, Wain, Gyumin, Davin, Sing, and Leo, who has created a unique debut strategy.
To mention some things that have us so amazed; the group already has an award for “Potential New Boy Group” under their belt as well as a full English pre-debut song recorded at Hong Kong’s Disneyland, and a debut video with over a million views!

There are so many things we could mention about XODIAC, but as we told you at the beginning, what brought us here today is its incredible narrative perspective. Let’s get into it!

A Debut Trilogy

Sometimes, the power of music is so great, that it allows us to tell stories through it, but at the same time, we can see stories that would make a great song. With that in mind, XODIAC created a trilogy of episodes, where they show us a very interesting story while letting us know its musical tone. Let us show you a bit more:

My Strange Roommate ‘Always’

Lex and Hyunsik introduce us to a particular story; where we are introduced to the amazing college years during which you make new friends, have sneaky nights out, and enjoy your youth. The song ‘Always’ however, gives us some clues that something is missing, introducing the next episode.

The Secret Of Roommate ‘Midnight Sky’

After knowing that something was missing, the second episode brought us the answers we were looking for. Just as we know the stars are the companion of the moon and simultaneously the protagonists of the night sky, the melody of this song becomes the companion and topic of this episode. It shows us what Hyunsik has to tell us, the reason for his apology, and the continuous journey with his new friends.

In a quest for knowledge, and what the outcome of this story will be, XODIAC has much more prepared for us, and all we can’t do is wait and theorize.

Feeling Lucky? ‘Throw A Dice!’

In the meantime, the boys have prepared an incredible debut that has brought them over a million views in the first week of its release. A fresh concept with a unique touch; ‘Throw A Dice.’ You could say that the universe has given them the game to win it.

Play this video, check out all the details, and take your time to process them. Ready? Okay, let’s go on.

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Breaking News: They Are Having Some Europe Performances!

Just like their musical work, the showcases for it have to be different. XODIAC is going to Amsterdam on May 30 at Melkweg and to London on June 1 at Clapham Grand. See all the details of this small tour HERE! (There have been changes to this tour please keep and eye on official channels!)

Time Out!

Altogether this makes quite a unique debut, something that certainly can show us how XODIAC is going to slay on their own path. We will be waiting for the release of the third, and sadly last, episode of this narrative that our boys have for us. In the meantime come around to @thehoneypop and let us know what theories you got for the two episodes. What is your favorite song now? Do you have a bias already?

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