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10 Lyrics We Love From Matchbox Twenty’s Where The Light Goes

10 Lyrics We Love From Matchbox Twenty’s Where The Light Goes

Do you remember the name Matchbox Twenty or are we showing our age a little bit? You might recognize the band from their uber-popular hit ‘Unwell,’ which we remember hearing on the radio all the time growing up and still love to sing along to today. The superstar band is back with their fifth studio album Where The Light Goes, their first release in nearly a decade, returning to the spotlight and onto our playlists (though for some of us, they’ve never left).

“One of the best things about this job is how fortunate and lucky we are to still be here. These songs have been a part of people’s lives. They’ve been in weddings, they’ve become tattoos, and they’re the soundtrack to Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. My only real hope is for more people to let this album be part of their lives. To me, it’s the greatest compliment.”

Rob Thomas via press release

Rob Thomas said it best, Matchbox Twenty wove their way into pop culture and honestly, they never left. Some of their platinum hits came out over a decade ago but we still know them by heart even today. While the members have embarked on their own solo endeavors over the last decade, they’re back as a band with Where The Light Goes to give us even more music to out to the jukebox in our heads and sing along to. Where The Light Goes can best be described as refreshing. It brings in elements of happiness, feeling light and warm and ready to celebrate life, as well as diving into the nostalgia of the past and who we used to be. We thought the best way for us to emphasize that would be to share some of our favorite lines from the album, so let’s get into it!

‘Hang on Every Word’ – “It’s okay if you can’t and it’s okay if you freeze/cause it’s about what you do next that gives you meaning

We love the sentiment behind this track, which is one of the slower songs on the album. It’s a feeling of comfort, of someone telling you they’ll be there for you when things are falling apart while in the same breath acknowledging those struggles.

‘One Hit Love’ – “We were never really young now we’re so much older than we thought we’d be

‘Friends’“There’s a rhythm to the way life goes/it can knock you out of key”

‘Where the Light Goes’ – “And I’m a shadow of a heartbreak and a ghost of all the endings

As far as title tracks go, this is a great one. We love how the production of it, the inquisitiveness of the lyrics, and the beat, all come together to make a really great track. It evokes the emotions you feel when you’re missing someone, either because they’re just not around or because the relationship is over, your “light” is gone and you’re wondering where it went. Is it too cliche to say the title track is one of our favorites? Because it is.

‘Queen of New York City’ – “She says “Man I’m gonna leave this town cause I got wings under my feet”/then she tells you she gets vertigo when she goes above 14th Street

‘Rebels’ “When you get angry with yourself you blame the rebel that you sold out”

‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’“I got a past, but it’s present tense/I keep it covered like it’s rubber cement“

This is another standout track for us. ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ is all about the idea that even if you’re at odds with a loved as in, if you’re fighting or disagreeing in some way, the love is still there. You can fight, argue, disagree, whatever, but that relationship still goes on and is strong, which is a nice twist on regular love songs or songs about relationships.

‘Where the Light Goes’ – “Can you tell me where the light goes every time your eyes close?“

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‘Hang on Every Word’ – “Don’t let your falling stars blow out no matter what you’ve heard

‘I Know Better’ – “So when you tell me why you’re right I’ll show you how you’re not“

This one kind of makes us think of an antagonist’s solo so obviously we had to include it. The tempo, the lyrics, and the eeriness behind the production tell us we’re wrong. This song can really be interpreted in a few different ways. It could be a warning from someone who has already experienced whatever they’re warning you about. It could be a satirical response to someone who always thinks they’re right. It could be whatever you think it is, that’s the beauty of music.

You can catch some of these lyrics and more on the Slow Burn Tour, which kicked off in Vegas last week and will continue through August. You can grab tickets to that here. Let us know your favorite songs/lyrics off of Where The Light Goes in the comments below or by dropping a line on our socials. We’re always buzzing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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