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Check Out Another “Sick” Track From Loveless, ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick’

Check Out Another “Sick” Track From Loveless, ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick’

We’re Loveless fans around here at THP HQ, in case you didn’t know. And, honestly, how could you not be? The dynamic duo (made up of Julian Comeau and Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail) brings a fresh and unique sound to the emo/pop-punk/alt scene that we simply can’t get enough of. From their 2019 debut single ‘Better’ to their cover of Elley Duhé’s ‘MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT’ to their latest release ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick,’ Loveless always wows with their sound.

This track tackles the mental health struggle, set to some killer guitar riffs to compliment Julian’s killer vocals. It’s a certified head-banger that’s for sure. ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick’ has that anthemic quality that is a hallmark of pop-punk and makes it so easy to finger-point and sing along to. And that first shot of the music video is giving us major Stranger Things vibes with the flickering lights before cutting to Julian and Dylan being wheeled down the hall. Loveless always delivers some creative cinematic concepts with their videos and we love the aesthetics. The ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick’ mv is no exception.

Julian himself explains the song’s narrative best:

Sick came from a time when I thought my anxiety and depression were at their worst,… For years, I pretended I was fine and that everything was okay, even when I was dealing with excruciating mental anguish and the fear that it was never-ending. Writing this song allowed me to break free from that fear and accept that my mental illness is a part of me that I need to deal with head-on, and not be afraid to face it. I hope it brings others a similar solace.

Julian Comeau via press release

The narrative of ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick’ is one that is all too relatable for so many of us, unfortunately. We hope listening to it brings you as much solace as it brought Julian to write, which is what he wants too. It really is such an amazing track and we encourage you to check it out, along with the rest of Loveless’ discography.

Tragically, Loveless is wrapping up their US Tour this week, so if you want to catch them live, you’ll have to hop on a plane and head overseas. You can grab tickets for those international dates here or, if you’re so inclined, catch them in LA, San Francisco, or Chicago. Be sure to stream ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick’ while you’re at it.

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Let us know your thoughts on ‘I Hope I’m Not Sick’ and if you happened to catch Loveless on tour, we want to hear about it! Sound off in the comments or drop us a line on our socials. We’re always buzzing about something on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Want more head-banging, finger-pointing-worthy tracks like this one? We got you.


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