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We Hope Our Message Doesn’t Get Lost In Translation, Stream Valley Today!

We Hope Our Message Doesn’t Get Lost In Translation, Stream Valley Today!

Our love for Valley crept up on us. It started with ‘nevermind’ coming up on Spotify, from there we listened to the rest of sucks to see you doing better, and boom, we were hooked! Naturally, we’ve been pretty excited for Lost In Translation, and even more so after catching Valley on tour. We’ve been vibing to singles like ‘Break For You,’ ‘Good, but not together,’ ‘Have A Good Summer (Without Me)’ and now, we have the full album to enjoy!

Valley did drop one last single, ‘We Don’t Need Malibu,’ in anticipation of the album. It was a middle-of-the-week drop, which is always a nice surprise to get. The drop was a salute to Valley fans for their support of the band, which makes us emotional in the best way. The track is a “staycation song” according to lead vocalist, Rob Laska. It’s a chill, laidback song all about turning wherever you are into the place to be. You don’t need to drive to Malibu, you don’t need a fancy trip somewhere, sometimes just lying next to the person you love and spending time together is enough. It’s such a sweet sentiment and we absolutely love this song.

‘We Don’t Need Malibu’

In addition to ‘We Don’t Need Malibu,’ the rest of the non-single tracks are amazing, so we’re here to highlight some of our faves. We’re really practicing the art of self-control here because if it was up to us, we’d just list the entire album, tbh, because it’s so hard to choose a favorite. But then, we’d all be here forever, so we’re giving you the ~highlights~ Also, we’re obsessed with all the visuals for the album because the lyric videos are so fun. Valley really did kill it with Lost In Translation and we’re so stoked for this era.


Some things are just meant to be, they’re…well…natural. This track dives into the idea of being exactly on the same page, of finding your person and things just fit as naturally and effortlessly as, “country in Nashville.” Of course, the music video is perfectly in sync with that line and gives us more amazing visuals for the Lost In Translation era. We love the visualization of being “natural” and just being yourself in the moment. “People search their whole life just to feel this” and Valley captured it perfectly. Also if you pay attention to the credits, you’ll notice Karah James, Valley’s drummer and vocalist, listed as a director! Kudos to you Karah, we love the video!

‘Evenings & Weekends’

We love the tempo of ‘Evenings & Weekends.’ It matches the back-and-forth, push-and-pull vibes of “you never want me on the weekends or evenings even when I want you” and has us dancing along. It’s all too relatable, that feeling of wanting the other person to just be upfront and honest, to figure out those feelings and see where it’s going, and we love how the lyrics capture that. It’s a standout track for sure.

Watch me drown as you throw me away
Wave goodbye as I circle the drain
Wear my heart like you wear shoes, you’ll return anyway

‘Keep My Stuff’

‘Keep My Stuff’ is for the overthinkers, in our opinion. “Sometimes I just sit here and get lost in my thoughts/With all the possibilities of how we could go wrong.” Tell us that does not sound like something that would run through the mind of an overthinker. Are we speaking from personal experience?!…maybe. We have to agree with the sentiment though. If someone who owned our hearts already left us, we’d just let them keep our things too. This is definitely a favorite track of ours off the album, but like we said, it’s so hard to pick just one.

We also need to give an honorable mention to the transition from ‘theme’ into the title track ‘Lost In Translation.’ It’s a beautiful piece of music and the production is gorgeous, so definitely make sure to play it in order when you listen. You can stream the album here!

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What are your thoughts on Valley’s Lost In Translation? Have you picked a favorite track yet? Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on our socials. We’re always buzzing about something on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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