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We’d Be Lying If We Said We Weren’t Obsessed With ‘lie’ By Nessa Barrett

We’d Be Lying If We Said We Weren’t Obsessed With ‘lie’ By Nessa Barrett

She’s done it again! Nessa Barrett has left us speechless. Fresh off a sold-out EU/UK tour and officially bringing her young forever era to a close. Nessa has continued to prove the next chapter in her career is one for the history books. Her latest single, ‘lie,’ is a light and airy tune beautifully juxtaposed against the heavy angst of watching love slip through your fingers. Perfectly highlighting Nessa’s unique, breathy tone, ‘lie’ is the dreamiest sad song to hit our playlist…and that’s the truth!


In the heartbreaking continuation of her previous single, ‘american jesus,’ we meet up with Nessa, a wedding singer, who just arrived at her latest gig. Now, why didn’t anyone tell her the greatest love of her life was the groom? With tears on her face, Nessa croons sadly for the happy couple and their guests. Then eventually dancing the night away with the very zealous Elvis impersonator. Exchanging one last longing look, Nessa sits by herself on the curb watching him drive out into the sunset on the motorcycle they rode together not too long ago.

I hope people who listen to this feel an emotion that is hard for us to accept but need to in order to live a fulfilling life.

Nessa Barrett

As soon as Nessa began teasing the new release, fans went wild on Twitter coming up with their own theories about the song’s deeper meaning. The buzz hasn’t stopped there, though. A mad dash has started through stan Twitter! Sucked in by the allure of easter eggs, several fans have picked up their magnifying glasses looking for clues. While we don’t compare to the super sleuths of the fandom, there seem to be a few hints several seems to agree on.

The Sticky Note On The Mirror

While getting ready for her performance, the camera freezes on a sticky note at the top of the vanity mirror. It reads August 5th, 2021. This is believed to be a homage to the release of her single ‘I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead’ which premiered on youtube that same date.

The Numerology

After it was proven Nessa dropped a clue in the license plate of the bike in the ‘american jesus’ video, it only makes sense that fans have become hyper-aware of numbers. Some paid close attention to her dressing room. Between the door reading Room 147 and the clock stuck at 7:14, many believe this could hint at the potential release date of her upcoming EP being July 14th, 2023.

For us, we couldn’t help but notice some of the shots replicate framing in the ‘american jesus’ video, once again tying the two together. A large white horse in the background caught our eye! White horses can be associated with heroes or overcoming negativity. Nothing screams “overcoming negativity” more than watching someone you love get married to someone else. And, of course, the torn picture on the desk can symbolize the end of ‘american jesus’ altogether!

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If you haven’t streamed ‘lie’ already, what are you waiting for? Click here to listen now. You’ll love it, trust us. Would we lie to you?

What do you think Nessa Nation? Tell us your thoughts on ‘lie’ in the comments or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @thehoneypop! Are you looking to connect with other stans? Join the Honey POP discord server today.


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