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5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From Franklin Jonas’ Sewer Rat

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From Franklin Jonas’ Sewer Rat

If you’re anything like us at THP, you grew up adoring the Jonas Brothers and their younger brother, Frankie. Now, Franklin Jonas is stepping out on his own with a brand new EP, Sewer Rat! And seriously, it’s everything we could’ve wanted. Between the refreshing alt-pop flair, Franklin’s emotive vocals, and clever lyrics, we can’t get enough of this project. 

I can’t believe that this is real. I’ve worked on these songs for years and to have them heard and out in the world is crazy. I made these songs as therapy, fearing the thought of ever sharing them. The journey of finishing them has been difficult but so rewarding. Overall, it has been one of the most maturing experiences of my life and I think you can hear that in the songs.

Franklin Jonas

To celebrate Sewer Rat and Franklin’s first-ever musical project, we’re rounding up our favorite lyrics from each track on the EP!

“I don’t wanna grow up no more, you and me just playing like children…”

We think ‘Grow Up’ was the perfect opener to Sewer Rat. Not only because most of us grew up with Franklin but also because it brings you right into the EP’s vulnerable side and shows you what he has to offer. There are some thought-provoking, heavier lines in the song. But we think this lyric from the chorus sums up the existential dread really well and hammers the idea right home. “We spend so much of our childhoods playing pretend as grown-ups and wishing for the future to come, but when that future comes, it’s kinda terrifying and all we want is to go back.”

“Lookin’ at the stars in your eyes, wishin’ we were fine…”

‘Cherub’ is seriously one of our favorite songs on the EP. Starting off like a sweet love song before diving into the breakdown of a relationship. We love this line because it spins on the classic “stars in your eyes” idea we’ve heard on so many romantic songs over the years. With a new twist that paints them as star-crossed lovers in a way. An honorary mention for our favorite lyric goes to that cheeky “she’s really good” line. Which you might recognize from Camp RockMitchie says it when she hears Caitlyn perform her music for the first time! 

“You coward, you snitch, my love, I wrote a love song that you tore asunder…”

Who wouldn’t want a love song written about them?! This coward/snitch/love (love that progression, BTW) didn’t appreciate Franklin for who he is or his love for how he expressed it. Good riddance, in that case! Thankfully, his ‘New Girl’ is nothing like his ex, and is a lot more appreciative of his efforts and time. We can’t get enough of the contrast between this lyric and the next song, ‘Hoboken.’ Which is a sweeter love story. 

“If it flurries, I will hurry so I can hold you close…”

Starting with a meet-cute and culminating in one of the most romantic stories we’ve heard in a long time, ‘Hoboken’ is Franklin’s love letter to his partner that expresses his devotion and dedication to their relationship. Even if a problem is just a “flurry” rather than a full-on snowstorm, he’ll do anything to be there for her and show how much he cares. If you see us tearing up over how tender it is… we just got a little snowflake in our eye. 

This song is the reason any of this music is even coming out. It tells the story of a love powerful enough to heal. I made this song as a gift for the love that healed me. It was her reception of this song and of me that gave the confidence to complete this album that we are so proud of.

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“Hangover lunch at McDonald’s, fries and McGriddle to go…”

Finally, we end the EP where we were first introduced to Franklin’s music with ‘Cocaine!’ We were tempted to pick the “you strayed so far from heaven” line since it picks up on the cherub idea from earlier songs, but we couldn’t help but go for this one as our final choice. Little details like this are what makes Franklin’s lyrics and artistic vision so special, and it also gives us a suggestion for our next McD’s order! Maybe they’ll make a Franklin Jonas Meal promotion?

‘Cocaine’ is about longing for the coping mechanisms you don’t have or can’t do anymore. It’s the point where you become nostalgic for the bad times because even the bad times had good distractions.

Franklin Jonas

What were your favorite moments from the Sewer Rat EP? Is there a certain lyric that’s really stuck with you? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more new music recs you need on your playlist, click here.


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