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FORAGER’s ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ Is Our New Summer Vibe

FORAGER’s ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ Is Our New Summer Vibe

What a summer for releases it’s been, and it’s just gotten started! FORAGER is joining the ranks of bands we love who have delivered a summer bop. Their last release, ‘Fuji or a Trek,’ blew our minds and never left our favorites list. Adding another song to that lineup only feels right! ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ is a song you’ll find us grooving to all summer!

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FORAGER have had us wrapped around their fingers for so many reasons. Whether it’s the light yet warm vocals that you can melt right into. The blend of multiple genres into one masterful blend that you’ll never hear anything like again. Or the way they talk about issues that are personal or worldwide, flawlessly. We could genuinely keep going, but we’ll digress. There is something for you within FORAGER! ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ is a reminder that being a hater is never a great role to play in life, so pleasing yourself is all you can do sometimes!

‘Hello to the Kiddies’ actually started out of a drum sample Jack took from Colum’s drum recording on an upcoming FORAGER track, ‘If It Floats.’ The thing is, ‘If It Floats’ is a ballad, so it was really interesting to see the drum sample get pitched and flipped into a hard-hitting groove. 

The result of building out the track is an anthem that pokes fun at some aspects of internet culture that we love to diss. But our goal was lighthearted playfulness at the end of the day—the song has a singable chorus and a campy singalong-style outro. The song is so bouncy and danceable, you almost forget that we’re being haters for a second.

FORAGER for The Honey POP!

And Away We Go!

They may have formed in 2021 but FORAGER are quickly making their name in the music world. Between playing live gigs and creating new grooves, they’re showing up and showing out! Oh yeah, did we forget to mention their debut album? Pipedream Fireword will be out everywhere you can get your hands on music on August 18th. And thankfully you have ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ and ‘Fuji or a Trek’ to love on in the meantime!

How stoked are you for FORAGER’s debut album? And how many times do you think you’ve listened to ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ so far? Let us know in the comments below! Or you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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