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4 Lyrics From Claire Rosinkranz ‘Screw Time’ That Hit Us Right In The Feels!

4 Lyrics From Claire Rosinkranz ‘Screw Time’ That Hit Us Right In The Feels!

If you’re anything like us, you sometimes wonder: “How has time moved so fast?” “Can we go back to being kids and not caring about what others think?” Claire Rosinkranz gets us, and her new single, ‘Screw Time,’ is perfect to listen to when those thoughts pop into your mind. We love to listen to tracks that just understand us, and Claire has definitely done that with this song!

We’re not only in love with Claire’s voice in this single, but her lyrics are so relatable that we have to share them with everyone! ‘Screw Time’ is all about pausing our crazy lives to enjoy our favorite moments for a bit before moving on to the next day. The world is making us grow and mature faster, and we just want to catch a break. It has been incredible to press play on this track every time we feel overwhelmed.

We have compiled our favorite four lyrics from ‘Screw Time’ that allow us to express these nostalgic feelings through music. We’re so grateful to Claire for putting our thoughts into a beautiful tune!

“All of a sudden I need a pause button”

We’ve been there and done that. How many times do you wish you could pause the world around you to enjoy the fun you’re living in the present and stop worrying about the future? Can we stay in this moment forever?

“‘Cause it feels like I was just seventeen, wondering what’s next for me”

We’ve blinked, and we’re suddenly adults, with more worries and responsibilities than ever. We no longer only have to worry about our favorite games or our homework. We now have more grown-up things to take care of. Sometimes, we wish we could go back in time and enjoy those little things that we used to do when we were kids!

“They say time flies but time just steals from me, stop turning all of my nights into memories”

When we were listening to ‘Screw Time’ for the first time, this is the verse that hit at home the most. We had to pause and admire how this verse is not only beautiful (in a heart-breaking way) but also deeply reflective. We wish we could have more hours in our regular lives to do whatever we want, but all of our past days turn far away from us as we keep growing.

“Running from a world made up of nine to fives, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that like ever”

Yep. Our creativity is way more valuable than being stuck in those jobs that make workers unhappy and burned out. We want to explore more into ourselves, our hobbies, and what we want to do with our talents and our skills. Being trapped in a routine isn’t fun.

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Although this single makes us want to slow down, we want to accelerate more and enjoy Just Because, Claire’s debut album! We just know we will be sharing Claire’s talent even more with her new songs! Can it be October 6 already?

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To prep the party for Just Because, Claire has been playing around the US throughout the summer! You can still get your tickets to see her live right here!

Are you ready to keep screwing time and spend the rest of your 2023 with Claire? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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