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Key Shows Us What It’s Like To Be Good & Great

Key Shows Us What It’s Like To Be Good & Great

Key Good & Great

Shawols, how are we feeling this year so far? We keep getting spoiled, and we’re not complaining. Not only did we get a whole SHINee comeback during the summer, but we also got a couple of solo works thrown at us and straight to our playlists. We’re so lucky, right? And what is this? We got a new ‘killer’ mini-album from the Almighty Key? Again? We feel truly blessed to receive only Good & Great things. Spot all the puns? Good, we’re proud of you!

If you thought Key would drop new music and we wouldn’t talk about it, you were very wrong. When do we miss a chance to show our love for SHINee and its members? So let’s talk Good & Great.

Key Good & Great
Image source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Key’s music has a distinctive vibe that is pretty hard to miss. Add his unique voice, and you have a top-tier soloist who can’t be mistaken. Good & Great is the latest on his discography, and it’s already a favorite of ours (are you even surprised?).

Stream Good & Great here.

Mood Lifter For Every Day Of The Week

From the very first second, the title song ‘Good & Great’ has us in its clutches. The addictive and positive vibes are, in one word: everything. The track is easy to follow and very relatable. Have you heard it yet? Don’t let us keep you from the delight your ears need. Even better, let’s listen (and watch) together!

So, how’s the mood? Good? Great? Both? We’re in love with the vibe and all that this song brings out. It tells of a simple daily life routine with all its ups and downs. From how we need coffee (or anything that works) to function to the moments when we feel like escaping, ‘Good & Great’ is THAT relatable.

It’s completely normal to feel insecure or like life is a bit too hard some days. That’s when we need a little pick-me-up the most. We recommend following Key’s example and saying the little chant. It will undoubtedly put a smile on your face and make you feel good about yourself. Do it with us:

I’m good, I’m great! I work, get paid, thank god all day, I love it, I’m epic.”

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Now that we’re feeling all the positivity let us direct your attention to the side tracks. There are five of them, meaning five musical gems you don’t want to sleep on. With an artist like Key, it is important to completely dive into his work and explore it. Why? Because it contains only bops and no disappointments. His music is different; it doesn’t fall under the mainstream hat, but it is just as captivating, if not more.

What’s your take on Key’s new music? Isn’t it just Good & Great? We’re extremely curious, so why not drop by our socials @TheHoneyPOPFacebook, and Instagram, and tell us your favorite tracks from this comeback?



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