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Taylor Acorn’s Certified Depressant Wrecked Us (In A Good Way)

Taylor Acorn’s Certified Depressant Wrecked Us (In A Good Way)

Whether you discovered her through TikTok or through a feature with bands like Arrows in Action and Magnolia Park, Taylor Acorn’s new EP Certified Depressant is about to blow you away. We were lucky enough to catch her performing live when she opened for The Summer Set earlier this year and we were absolutely blown away. We particularly loved getting to hear ‘Shapeshifting’ live because we’re kind of obsessed with that song. We walked out of those shows ready to stream all her music that we could get our hands on, so needless to say we’re huge fans.

A few songs off the EP, the title track ‘Certified Depressant’ and ‘Coma’ for example, dropped as singles. Speaking of ‘Coma,’ have you heard ‘Coma’ ft. Cassadee Pope? Taylor Acorn x Cassadee Pope?? Talk about an iconic collaboration. Sigh, we miss Hey Monday.

Anyway, the non-single Certified Depressant EP tracks blew all our expectations out of the water. Sometimes the reality truly does beat the expectation. We wanted to take a second and highlight some of our favorite tracks off of Certified Depressant, so let’s get into it!

‘Famous Last Words’

‘Famous Last Words’ became an instant hit for us from the first listen. Not only do we feel extremely seen by the lyrics (that second verse? Oof) but we love the production and overall vibe of the song. You can really hear Taylor’s pop-punk influences weaving their way into this track, infused with her own unique sound (and you know THP loves pop-punk). This is a standout track for sure and we’d love to hear it live.

‘Good Enough’

The Certified Depressant EP is definitely a multi-faceted dive into Taylor’s own experiences with mental health struggles. She’s open, honest, and vulnerable, and ‘Good Enough’ leans on the heavier side of those struggles.

My reflection’s my worst critic / I try my best but I’m still sinking

‘Good Enough’ is definitely slower/more stripped down than the other tracks but presents the narrative perfectly with that sound. If you need to be in your feelings for a little while about your struggles, this is the track we’d recommend.

‘Sticking Around’

‘Sticking Around’ is another facet of Taylor’s story on this EP. This track deals more with the idea of wondering how someone can see all the not-so-pretty parts of you and still want you. For all of you honeybees out there who try to push people away before they can leave, this one is for you. And once again, we also love the lean into the classic pop-punk sound while still sounding authentic to her own sound. This is a great opening track for the EP and sets the whole thing up quite nicely.

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Please give Taylor Acorn all the hype and go stream the Certified Depressant EP ASAP! You can catch Taylor on tour in November so be sure to grab your tickets before you miss out.

Be sure to let us know which Certified Depressant tracks are your favorites in the comments below or on our socials! We’re always buzzzzing about something on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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