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Arrows in Action Is Creating A Legacy That Is Built To Last

Arrows in Action Is Creating A Legacy That Is Built To Last

We are firm believers in the fact that Arrows in Action is one of the most underrated pop-punk (or pop-punk adjacent, according to their tweet) bands out there right now. They’ve been on our radar for a while now, you might recognize them as the band behind ‘Uncomfortably Numb,’ which was circulating on TikTok for a while. They’ve been dropping singles over the last couple of months, leading up to the release of their debut album Built To Last, and now that it’s here we’re never turning it off simply.

While we have been absolutely thriving with singles like ‘The Credits‘ and ‘Head In The Clouds‘ while waiting for Built To Last and we’re so excited to be able to find new favorites on the tracklist. Produced by Dan Swank and full of themes of growth, personal uncertainty, and nostalgia, this album has something for everyone. Trust us when we say that this album might take the crown for “perceived us the hardest in 2023.” Is every track an attack on us and our inner thoughts? Perhaps. But they sound great while doing it simply. While we would love to just list every single song on the album, for everyone’s sake we’ll keep it simple and stick to our highlights! (Honestly, we might still end up listing the entire album but just go with it) Before that though, this is what the band had to say about the album:

This record captures the feeling of estrangement from old friends, past homes, and yourself after a period of growth. It explores the desire to fix and heal those relationships, the realization that not all of them can be fixed, and how to still move forward. Built To Last weaves through major life changes, mental health, emotional-awareness, and finally the difficulties of keeping loved ones close. Exploring this stage of life called for wildly different sounds and songwriting styles which is why you’ll hear such a wide variety of influences throughout the record’s thirteen tracks.

Matt Fowler via press release

Oh, make sure to stream the album here so you can jam along with us!

‘Made For This’

Arrows in Action came out of the gate swinging with the Built To Last opening track. With the chorus asking “What was I madе for if I wasn’t made for this now?” the band is reflecting on a question that might be weighing heavily on a lot of us. One of the hallmarks of this genre is the focus on self-doubt and trying to figure out who you are. Not only does ‘Made For This’ touch on that, but it sets up the tone for the whole album. It is as strong of an opening track as we’ve ever heard and it ties nicely in with the closing track, but we’ll get to that later.

‘Learned My Lesson’

When we said that Built To Last was an attack, what we meant was that ‘Learned My Lesson’ perceived us so hard on the first listen that we were still thinking about it well after the song ended. The line “Wanna warn my younger self about the fool he’ll come to be” hit us in a way we were not expecting and that makes this track an album standout for us personally. This is another track on the album that dives into self-reflection and self-doubt, where as a listener you might find yourself thinking about who you are, where you’re going, and whether or not you’ve learned the right lessons in life yet.

Arrows in Action is embarking on their Built to Last Tour with Honey Revenge and Finish Ticket starting in July and this track is one we sincerely hope makes it to the setlist. You can grab tickets for the headlining tour here.

‘Wide Eyes’ Ft. The Home Team

Your favorite long-haired blonde lead singers teamed up to bring us one of the two collabs on Built To Last. Their vocals pair together so well, having Brian from The Home Team feature was an excellent choice. And not just because everyone keeps joking that he and Vic look alike. ‘Wide Eyes’ follows some of the themes of the album, with lines like “If all we are is fleeting what’s the price to pay/Didn’t think I’d make it here, that’s my mistake.” It’s looking back and reminiscing, with a darker frame on making peace with where they are now.

This time
Don’t think I’m coming back
I made my peace at last
Hope you’re okay with that

Another stellar collab, hopefully, one that means we’ll catch Arrows in Action and The Home Team sharing a stage one day soon.

‘Built to Last’

The closing track of Built To Last also happens to be its title track and it’s a special one. There’s nothing better than a good closing track to round off an album and this is one of the best ones we’ve heard lately. Remember how we said it ties together with the opening track ‘Made For This?’ Well, it ties in with a lot more than just that. Just give the last minute or so of the song an extra special listen.

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I’m so scared I’ll end up back home
Don’t think I’m coming back
Now I’m on my own in a city of gold
You call it torture I call it paradise
Guess I haven’t learned my lesson
The shit I’ve seen you wouldn’t believe
The devils in the details
Another year with you inside my head (and)
Are you feeling it too?
Watch the Beauty in the fall
Every day a little more alive
What was I made for if I wasn’t made for….

It’s like AiA’s own ‘What A Catch, Donnie’ moment, with each line in this last verse calling back to another album track. We absolutely love when albums come full circle and close out like this and ‘Built to Last’ is a perfect example of that. It really solidifies the idea that Arrows in Action have built something that is going to last with their music for ages to come.

Arrows in Action shared a Built To Last listening guide on their Instagram that you definitely should check out as part of your journey with this album. Be sure to let us know what your favorite tracks on the album are too. Drop a comment below or come buzz with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

If you want more pop-punk and pop-punk-adjacent music, we got you covered.


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