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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Greyson Zane Isn’t 2 Cool 4 Us

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Greyson Zane Isn’t 2 Cool 4 Us

That’s right, it’s time for another Honey POP! exclusive interview — And this time we had the chance to talk with none other than Greyson Zane. He may be Twitter’s “Most Hated Pop Punk Artist,” but he’s in our top 10 for sure. We got to chat about everything from his insane new single ‘2 Cool 4 Me’ to his equally impressive experiences in the industry. If there’s one thing you can count on Greyson for, it’s releasing banger after banger! Okay, enough wasting time — let’s buzz in!

Hey there, and welcome to The Honey POP! We are so stoked to get to chat with you today! But before we buzz in, we like to hand the stage over to you to introduce yourself to our readers who may not have met you before!
Hey, I’m Greyson! I’m from Orlando, FL and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been writing songs and playing in bands since I was 12! I grew up listening to classic rock, but in middle school, I discovered Green Day and Metallica and my life forever changed. I’m a pop punk/alternative/emo/whatever else you want to call my music artist. I have a new single called “2 Cool 4 Me”! I hope you check it out and enjoy it!

Congratulations on signing with Zodhiac Records! We can only imagine how that feels. What are you most excited about when it comes to this new chapter?
Thank You! I’m looking forward to releasing these new songs I’ve been sitting on for a while and I’m excited to keep growing and expanding my sound as an artist!

An Artist Of Many Lives

Speaking of chapters in your life, you have lived a lot of different musical lives. What’s an experience that you feel has impacted you the most to bring you where you are currently?
I would say the experience that has impacted me the most is the process of being in the studio and writing ‘Emo Trash’ to it going viral a couple of months later and getting extreme hate for it. Looking back, now that it’s been a couple of months, gives me an even greater appreciation for what we did and accomplished. The boys in FELICITY were really instrumental in how we handled the hate online and it taught me so much. Shout out to them!

We have to ask, can we cross our fingers for any Daisy Grenade or Young Culture collabs? Because we see y’all interacting…and maybe we’re selfish, but we also think we can speak for the entire scene when we say that’s a need, not a want!
Young Culture are the homies! Alex actually helped me write ‘2 Cool 4 Me!’ We also wrote another one together, but it didn’t make the EP. Maybe I’ll leak it, who knows. Nothing is planned for a collab sadly, but I would love to collab with them! I’ve also never met Daisy Grenade, but I think a collab with them would be sick too!

Catch Us Begging For That Track To Leak!

You’ve worked with some iconic names that span some of our own personal favorite emo legends, whether that’s in the booth or from a writer/producer standpoint. Who is someone you’ve worked with that you felt really positively impacted you during your time together?
Andrew Karpovck. He has single-handedly elevated my songwriting, the way I view music, and the way I view myself as an artist. He is one of the most talented people on the planet! He may not be an emo legend yet, but he definitely will be!

So, let’s talk about 2024 a bit! We’re assuming you just have more and more up your sleeve! So we have to know what we can expect from you next year! Maybe some shows we can burst a vocal chord at, ideally?
2024 is going to be insane! I only have one show planned at the moment, but that will be announced soon! I plan on releasing songs all year and I’m also going back to the studio in January, so stay tuned.

Consider Us Completely Tuned In!

We also want to talk about all the references made in ‘Emo Trash!’ Not only do we think it’s a certified banger, but that nostalgia it makes us feel is top tier. What was it like creating that song with Felicity and Andrew Karpovck?
Creating that song was so much fun! All of us were in the studio together for a couple of days writing and perfecting it. Drew from FELICITY came up with the concept for it and when we were finished I think that we surprised ourselves with how good it turned out. We all knew it was going to be a love-it or hate-it song, but we never expected it to blow up like it did. The most fun part was when everyone just started shouting out emo references when we were writing the lyrics to the second verse. We actually came up with about 20 more that we didn’t use.

Self-Care First, Life Second

Not gonna lie; we love the way you’ve claimed “Twitter’s Most Hated Pop Punk Artist” as your title. It’s no secret that the things that are the biggest game changers were hated at first! But we also imagine it’s gotta be draining dealing with the highs and lows and promoting yourself on the Internet these days. What are some of your go-to self-care routines for when life in general is getting you down?
My favorite go-to self-care routine is watching a movie and just not going on my phone. Sometimes I just need to get wrapped up in a good story and get away from it all. I hate the fact that we are all drawn to be on our phones all the time, myself included. I recently went to a show where they locked up everyone’s phones in little pouches at the beginning and they wouldn’t unlock them until the end of the show. Honestly, it made the experience of the show so much better because I was there in the moment. So whenever I need a little self-care it usually just involves me not being on my phone and doing something else.

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As fellow emos, we have to ask: What is your personal Holy Emo Trinity?
I’m going to have to go with Taking Back Sunday, MCR, and Finch

Alright, last question, we promise. We like to end things on a bit of a fun note around here. So, with that being said, we want you to build your dream tour lineup! And we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t also have you name it! So, what three bands/artists are you taking the stage with on this iconic tour, and what would that tour be called?
I’m going to go with Metallica, blink-182, Bring Me the Horizon, and me. I think the tour would be called The Generational Tour because it has some of the most popular bands in music throughout the decades.

Thank you again to Greyson for taking the time to chat with us. It’s safe to say there are some amazing things on the horizon coming in 2024 from him! Who would you love to see Greyson collab with? And what’s your favorite emo reference in ‘Emo Trash?’ Let us know in the comments below! Or you can let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


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