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Seori Gets More Vulnerable Than Ever Before With Fake Happy

Seori Gets More Vulnerable Than Ever Before With Fake Happy

In the past four years, we’ve come to know Seori for her incredible songwriting talent and her unique voice. With the release of her first mini-album back in 2020, followed by singles, collabs and OSTs, we’ve never stopped being amazed by her talent. And now she’s back with a new label and her long-awaited second mini-album, Fake Happy. This is a new chapter for Seori, and she gave us some of her best songs in this new release!

‘Kill The Day’

‘Kill the day’ is the first track in Fake Happy, and the most upbeat track. Even though it starts softly with nothing but a soft guitar and her voice, the chorus gets more explosive with a pop-rock sound. This is the first time Seori has explored such a genre, and the contrast between her voice and an electric guitar really works for a track about frustration. ‘Kill the day’ is all about the guilt one can feel when depression doesn’t let you get out of bed, and it feels like you’ve wasted the day or several days. The song is all about frustration and self-hatred, and it’s executed in a beautiful and explosive way.

‘Fake Happy’

We can totally see why ‘Fake Happy’ gave its name to this mini-album. This is an instant favorite, and the themes Seori explores in the song embody everything about her second mini-album. This beautiful pop track gives us some of her best moments lyrically. ‘Fake Happy’ is about struggling with self-doubt, growing up, and the dreams you thought could make you happy. It’s about not quite being happy in the way you thought you would be. ‘Fake Happy’ is raw, vulnerable, and simply an incredible song.


‘Broken’ was the first taste we got of Seori’s Fake Happy. It was released as a pre-release single at the end of January this year, and it marked her first non-OST release since December 2022. So it was a big deal for us, and she did not disappoint us. ‘Broken’ explores through powerful vocals and the perfect winter vibe what it is like to leave a relationship where it feels like you were the one to hurt yourself. The title says it all: ‘Broken’ is the most heartbreaking song in the mini-album, but also one of the most addictive tracks.

‘And Me’

Fake Happy comes to a close with ‘and Me.’ It’s the most lowkey and chill track in this release, and also the song that resembles the most the songs in her first mini-album, ?depacse ohw. With a simple production, her voice is enough to express all the emotions the song carries as she sings about feeling alienated from everyone else. ‘and Me’ is about loneliness, and feeling different from everyone else. It’s a beautiful, simple, yet haunting song.

With only four songs, Fake Happy embodies a range of emotions and feelings in a way that only Seori can write about. Her voice is unique in her vocals and her writing style, and these songs are further proof of her talent. Now that she’s back, we can’t wait to see what this new chapter has in store for her!

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