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John Legend Has Reached LEGEND Status On Upcoming Album

Double album? LEGEND-ary!

This Summer Will Be ‘Dope’ Thanks To John Legend

Alexa, play John Legend for the summer

5 Reasons Why ‘Honey’ By John Legend & Muni Long Is Worth All The Buzz

Honey, you’ve got to hear this 🍯

6 Republic Records Artists We’d Love To See John Legend Collaborate With

These collabs would be pretty legendary!

Alexa, Play ‘Minefields’ By Faouzia and John Legend

Faouzia and John Legend teaming up is like hot chocolate on a cold day: warm and delightfully delicious.

John Legend Releases ‘Wild’ New Remix With Meduza

John Legend releases remix for song ‘Wild’ with Meduza.

6 Song Lyrics That Would Make Great Holiday Instagram Captions

The perfect captions for your holiday pictures!

We’re Citizens Of Faouzia’s Stan Club

Faouzia has slayed, is slaying, and will continue to sla. We stan.

‘Rainbow Connection’ Got The Celebrity Treatment From Barbra Streisand!

So…was Rainbow Connection really about how much we connect with this song cause…it’s emotional

Niall Horan Has Joined The Voice! Let’s Look At Some Of Our Favorite Coaches From The Show

‘Nice To Meet Ya,’ coach Niall!