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The Video For ‘Bloodshot’ Is Here At Last

Thank you for this masterpiece, Here At Last.

Welcome To The Endless Summer Vacation!

Thank you for always making sure we’re fed, Queen Miley.

Renee Rapp Doesn’t Want To Be Everything To Everyone

Renee Rapp is truly that pop icon and Everything To Everyone (Deluxe) proves that.

We’re Never ‘Running Out Of Time’ To Talk About Paramore!

We have all the time in the world for Paramore!

Maisie Peters Has Perfected Being The ‘Good Witch’

We’re Maisie Peters stans first, human beings second.

Bad Omens Keeps Giving Us A Peace Of Mind

Bad Omens is the reason we even have a peace of mind in the first place tbh.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Return Is One For The Charts

If Rihanna has one fan, it’s us. If Rihanna has no fans, we have passed on.

The Academic Is Sitting Pretty High On Our All-Time Faves List

We have all the tea on The Academic’s new record Sitting Pretty and of course we’re ready to spill.

We’re ‘More Than Fine’ As Long As We Have Savannah Conley In Our Lives

We promise, you’ll be ‘More Than Fine’ after you hear Savannah Conley’s new song!

We’re Living Our Best Lives Thanks To Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is truly the reason we never stop smiling.