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We Found Peace With Hayley Kiyoko ‘somewhere between the sand and the stardust’

This one is deeply personal to us.

Miley Cyrus Still Can’t Be Tamed

Miley could never be kept in a cage

Renee Rapp’s ‘Snow Angel’ Music Video Is Our New Obsession

Mom! Renee has our jaws on the floor again!

Eighty Ninety Have A ‘Face Like A Sunset’

We are so telling everyone we love that they have a ‘Face Like A Sunset’ now.

There’s No Bad Blood Between Us & Bastille’s ‘No Angels’

Well, this is our entire personality now.

Bring Me The Horizon Begin Next Chapter With POST HUMAN: NeX GEn

We would start a cult with Bring Me The Horizon.

Janelle Monáe Launches Us Into The Age of Pleasure

We’ve got ‘Lipstick Lover’ on repeat!

The Ready Set Is Back And Ready To Slay With ‘Who You Really Are’

The Ready Set can definitely text us if he needs someone to be there!

We’ll ‘Just Pretend’ Bad Omens Don’t Rule Our Lives

Sorry we can’t hang out today! We’re busy developing our new Bad Omens centered personality!

We’re Making A ‘Snow Angel’ In July With Renee Rapp

We’ll make it until the release of Snow Angel even if it kills us.