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LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s Wife’ Receives A Proper UPSAHL Makeover

Whatever UPSAHL touches turns to gold! So adding her to an already golden track? Now we’ve got a masterpiece!

Bad Omens ‘Just Pretend’ Claims Their Spot In Alt-Rock History

We could never ‘Just Pretend’ to only like Bad Omens.

Proof That Dan Smith Is A Songwriting Mastermind

Dan Smith is the mastermind behind some of our favorite tracks!

FORAGER’s ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ Is Our New Summer Vibe

We’ll be shouting ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ with Forager!

We’re Shutting Up Our Inner Critic With Renee Rapp’s ‘Talk Too Much’

We would never tell Renee that she talks too much!

We’ll Always Be The Ready Set’s ‘Teammate’

It’s another 10/10 from The Ready Set!

Eighty Ninety’s Bowery Beach Road Collection Is Everything To Us

Eighty Ninety, you are everything to us!

Grab On & Follow Us Along Charli XCX’s ‘Speed Drive’

This is another one for people who like to drive fast!

Lilac Kings ‘Sudafed Sun Daze’ Brings Awareness To Fentanyl Crisis

Lilac Kings are using their voices to raise awareness for overdose like the kings they are!

We Just Fell In Love With Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Shy Boy’

How do we get Carly to tell us that we have the Midas touch?