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Every Hour Is A Lovely Hour With Little Hurt In Our Lives

You have two choices in life: stan Little Hurt or ‘Get Out Of(Our) My Life’

Ava Della Pietra Takes Our Breath Away Again In ‘it started with u’

This one is sure to start an obsession.

LEONE Is Teaching Us How To ‘Kiss ‘Em Bye Bye’ In Their New Single

You know what, we will ‘Kiss ‘Em Bye Bye!’

Beartooth Is Our ‘Sunshine!’

Beartooth can be our ‘Sunshine!’ any day of the week!

We Could’ve Told You That Against The Current Are The ‘”good guy”‘

Okay and so what if we would defend Against The Current with our lives??

We Can’t Get Our Heads Around Billie Marten!

Just waiting for Billie to say she’s ready to be ‘Nothing But Mine!’

5SOS Is Here To Give Us The Feeling Of Falling Upwards Again

Soon is finally here 5SOS Fam!

We Would Die Without Love You Later

All aboard the Love You Later hype train!

Maisie Peters Is Taking Over The World & Our Hearts

Maisie Peters truly has brought us into our baddie era.

Hearing These 5SOS Songs Live Would Keep Us CALM

We are literally begging…