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The World Is Harry’s House And We’re Just Living In It

He makes us feel at House.

new ep

If You’re Trying To Find Yourself, Find These New EPs Right Now

It’s always nice to find more comfort artists, anyway!


7 Jeno Fancams That Will Make You Appreciate His Talent

Stage presence ✔️ Smooth movements ✔️ Facial expressions ✔️

Here’s Our ‘Love Theory:’ 4 Reasons Why You Should Love TAEYONG

Just in case you needed a ‘Love Theory’ on Taeyong, we came prepared.

13 NCT Performances That Take Our Breath Away

More like 13 times NCT made us scream for minutes, but, you get it.

10 Sweet News From The R&B And Hip-Hop World You Don’t Want To Miss!

We have been *served*

NCT Show In The NCT Universe: Here’s What You Missed

“I can’t believe I am friends with Spider-Man, dude!”

From Competitive To Unbothered: The Many Sides Of NCT’s Jaehyun

When we say we stan an unbothered king, we really mean it.

The Mood Maker Of NCT: Johnny Suh

If we get paid every time Johnny made us laugh, we’d be RICH.

7 Times NCT’s Jisung Proved He Is The Future Of The Industry

We stan a multi-talented maknae!