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Isaac’s Heartstopper Reading List

Isaac is our bookworm king! Check out what he was reading this season!

5 Reasons Why Disney Fans Will Love Beauty And The Besharam By Lillie Vale

This book is every Disney lover’s dream!

You’ll Want To Sleep With the Lights On After Reading Go Hunt Me By Kelly deVos

Don’t read Go Hunt Me by Kelly deVor before going to bed…. trust us 😰

4 Reasons Why You Should Read Hotel Magnifique By Emily J. Taylor

Check into the world of Hotel Magnifique! We promise you’ll enjoy your stay.

5 Reasons Why K-POP Fans Should Read A Million Beginnings

Are you a K-POP fan? Then you’ll want to check out this new release!

Pick Your Fave Lyric From ‘Complete Mess’ By 5SOS And We’ll Give You A Book Recommendation

5SOS makes us complete, but you know what else does? Books, of course!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Deborah Falaye Talks Her Debut Blood Scion, Yoruba-Nigerian Mythology, Her Research Process, And More!

We had the pleasure to sit down with Deborah Falaye to talk about her debut book Blood Scion, and so much more!

World Book Day: How You Can Celebrate!

A day dedicated to books and reading? Sign us up!

5 Reasons Why Romance Readers Will Love Finding Her Edge

Romance readers will love this new YA romance!

We Want To Experience Love Like These OTPs!

These OTPs are giving us all the butterflies!