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Arrows In Action

Exclusive Interview: Arrows in Action Are Seriously Built To Last

Your favorite Pop-Punk band have made their way to THP!

Your Guide To Louis Tomlinson: A Fandom FAQ

Go ahead, click on this ‘headline,’ we’ll wait 🙂

62 One Direction Quotes To Use As Your Senior Quote

Senior Quotes ✨One Direction edition ✨

Travis Japan’s ‘Moving Pieces:’ Rated By Colors!

Travis Japan knows what to serve us! They are back with a new single, ‘Moving Pieces’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sophia Treadway On ‘Title’ And What Her Music Feels Like

Our new favorite track finally has a ‘Title!’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: King Falcon Takes Us On A Ride In A ‘Cadillac’

King Falcon can take us for a ride in a ‘Cadillac’ any day! 🙌

sadeyes’ patient death Is A Cathartic Journey Through Loss Of Self

It’s really giving us life!

Bre Kennedy’s ‘Navigating’ Is A Token Of Optimism About Growing Up

There’s no official map or guide for growing up. Bre Kennedy gently reminds us that we aren’t alone in ‘Navigating’ adulthood.

Catch Us ‘Runnin” To See Tyler Posey’s UNRAVEL Release Show

Run, don’t walk, to get your tickets!


Jack Harlow Is A ‘First Class’ Man At #1 On The Billboard Chart With JACKMAN

We are in LOVE with this charismatic Jack of all trades, who has made his #1 Billboard Top Rap Album debut!