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Real Friends’ Torn In Two Degrees Of Separation!

Don’t let the success cut you in half!

More Than ‘Just Sound,’ State Champs Releases New Song & It’s Everything

State Champs paints a perfect picture.

2021 Pure Noise Tour Admat

Pure Noise Records Presents 2021 Tour: What You Need To Know

Pure Noise, Perfection.

real friends promo

Real Friends Releases, Pure Noise Signing, and New Vocalist Cody Muraro

A Real Friends Revival!

Stick To Your Guns: The Meaning Remains

Finding footing between fury and peace

Halo Of Hurt: Seahaven Sports Theirs Proudly

Halo of Hurt reignites the favorable flame of Seahaven’s early 2010 run.

Hook, Line and Sinker: Seahaven Has Us Caught Up With Two New Singles

Seahaven reels us in with duel singles.

Elder Brother: Elevates Sound With Single ‘Projector’

Projecting itself directly onto our playlist, this single slaps.

Elder Brother: We’re Not Getting Tired Of Them

Bad ass indie-alt-rock tunes.

State Champs Earn Title For Change

State Champs of what?