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The Ultimate Guide To 82MAJOR

The Ultimate Guide To 82MAJOR

Meet the new boys on the block: 82MAJOR. This six-member boy group signed under Great M Entertainment officially made their debut on October 11th with the release of their single album ON. It’s safe to say we are intrigued and have done a major deep dive. And their name, well, the number 82 comes from South Korea’s country code, and they aim to reshape the trajectory of K-Pop to have a strong presence globally. It’s time to kick-start your Stan journey with our ultimate guide to 82MAJOR.

The Members Of 82MAJOR

The boys have been busy producing plenty of pre-debut content, so some faces may be familiar. Individually, they’ve demonstrated their impressive skills through original songs, covers, and exciting challenges as part of Great M Entertainment’s Rarehouse Project. Since then, they’ve amassed an incredible social media following and shared their individual journeys in the Who Is 82MAJOR series on YouTube. So, let’s meet the guys:

  • Nam Seong Mo
  • Park Seok Joon
  • Yoon Ye Chan
  • Cho Song II
  • Hang Seong Bin
  • Kim Do Gyun

Their Impressive Debut With ON

Their debut single album features two distinctive tracks, ‘Sure Thing’ and ‘First Class.’ These songs showcase 82MAJOR’s versatility right from the start, as they offer a song for everyone. If you love the laid-back vibe, we are sure you’ll love their initial release ‘Sure Thing.’ It’s a catchy, feel-good tune for any day, weather, or week! It radiates excitement and positivity. Also, members Seongmo and Seongbin had a hand in writing the lyrics, adding their personal touch to the song.

On the other hand, if you’re into hip-hop-heavy tracks with powerful beats, ‘First Class’ will be your jam. It’s full of confidence. Also, members Seongmo, Seongbin, and Yechan were co-writers. Plus, it has an impressive high note that lands not where you’d expect. We love how they’ve already made a bold statement and set new expectations. Also, with credits already on their debut tracks, we’re excited to see their influences in their upcoming projects.

Content To Keep You Entertained

Lucky for us, there’s no need to wait for content. The boys have an original series on YouTube called 5 Bros. This is where the team gets together to chat about basically everything from first impressions, team names, juicy member secrets, vlogs, and so much more. These bite-size videos give us a window into each member’s individual personality.

Cover Kings

We know two songs just can’t quench our curiosity over 82MAJOR. But they’ve got us covered. The guys have been showcasing their creativity and talents through a variety of covers. They do everything, and we’re going through it all – from BLACKPINK melody covers or individual renditions of tracks like ‘Rush Hour’ by Crush (featuring J-Hope) and ‘That’s Okay’ by DO.

Pre-Debut Performances

Learning so much about 82MAJOR is extremely impressive. And it doesn’t stop there. As trainees under the name Rarehouse, the guys have shared various performance projects. One standout gem is their project ‘Illegal.’ It’s a great hip-hop-focused track that is synth-heavy and features some unique vintage sounds. What’s really cool is that the members got together to write and compose this track before their official debut.

Our ultimate guide gives you everything you need to know to begin your journey with 82MAJOR. We know there is plenty more to come, and their unique promises make them a group to keep your eyes on.

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