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A Honey Pop Exclusive: Video Premiere For Rachel Ohnsman’s ‘Cliche’

A Honey Pop Exclusive: Video Premiere For Rachel Ohnsman’s ‘Cliche’

Rachel Ohnsman is an outstanding jazz-pop singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania. In 2018, she graduated from Frost School of Music and released her debut album Lovers, which she wrote, arranged, and produced. Not to mention, she is currently co-writing her first full-length musical! She is coming in hot and fast and as a fierce competitor in the music industry.

Rachel’s musical style dabbles in several different genres, including theatre, classical, jazz, folk, and R&B influences, and they all blend together in perfect harmony in her music. Her latest single, ‘Cliche,’ is an eccentric, jazz-pop number that celebrates silly love songs with an alluring, mellow beat, and we find ourselves singing along incessantly!

Image Source: Zak Tassler

Rachel made a statement about the song, saying, “I was asked to write a love song for a Valentine’s Day project a few years ago. Every attempt at blissful romance felt completely derived. I decided to dig into this feeling and poke fun at the love songs we hear all around us. I’ve written plenty of sad songs about heartbreak, and this song is a celebration of being on the other side.” We love that!

Her sound is so unique for the pop industry, and it’s refreshing to hear something new, we are for sure going to have this song on repeat for days. Now, you can too! We are absolutely in love with the track, and its quirky music video, so without further ado we present… ‘Cliche,’ enjoy!

We are vibing with it so much, and we hope you are too! Let us know in the comments below what you think of the video and of Rachel Ohnsman or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Rachel Ohnsman:

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Featured Image Source: Zak Tassler

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