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Hello Forever Are Dropping Their Debut Album And We Have So Many Questions!

Hello Forever Are Dropping Their Debut Album And We Have So Many Questions!

The art-pop collective, Hello Forever, are releasing their debut album Whatever It Is on February 21. The album combines the sound of many genres into one, including doo-wop, jazz to skiffle, and R&B. If you’re interested in checking this group out for yourself, peep their music video for ‘Some Faith’ below or stream the single ‘Anywhere Is Everywhere’ here.

In anticipation of the group’s album, we had a chat with Hello Forever to get some of our burning questions about themselves, their music, and their album answered.

Not many people would say that 60’s music influenced them, what is it about that sound that calls to you?

Culture is a wave — it’s constantly transforming, but it carries with it where it used to be. Art is a tradition — not many people would say they are influenced by Medieval Motets, but the chords and scales and melodies used in western music today filtered through that distant past and there is still a strange relationship. So I think the traditions of music that lived in the 60s are very much still inherited by contemporary artists. Some of it in that indirect way, but some of it is very explicit inspiration. And there were so many styles of music being recorded at that time. Certainly the Jazz and Soul and R & B and Funk of the 60s are very much alive in contemporary artists — too many to name — but like Childish Gambino, or Vulfpeck, or Kahdja Bonet, or Christian Scott, or even Rex Orange County — I mean there’s literally thousands of artists influenced by those genres and I think a lot of contemporary acts drawing influence from the rock music of the 60s — like Tame Impala or Unknown Mortal Orchestra, to name a couple major examples. We are students of Brian Wilson and The Beatles and Stevie Wonder and Motown — the pop music of that era. A lot of musicians still really listen to that stuff.

Your music has a very feel-good vibe to it, kind of like if the Beatles were to collab with Neon Trees, if you were able to collab with an artist from the 60’s, who would be your first pick?

Wow, thank you. I don’t think we could really pick a single favorite like that. Joni Mitchell, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, The Beatles, Aretha — it’s an endless list

The music video for “Anywhere is Everywhere” has a very simple concept to it. Do you prefer that kind of fun video over an elaborate video in order to compliment the music?

We kinda just did the best we could with what we have lol — we did the video pretty much DIY at our house, and a buddy brought his camera. Shout out to RUSS!!! We want to make whatever art comes to us.

From the video for “Colors In The Sky,” we have to say we love your overall aesthetic and use of kaleidoscope imagery. What would you say as a collective is a staple in your overall aesthetic?

We love the spirit and texture of analogue film and video, and crazy colors and classic imagery. A John Carpenter movie on vhs meets MTV on lsd at the Ed Sullivan theatre with Martin Scorsese.

We can’t wait to hear the full album! What song do you feel is the most personal to you from the album and why?

JARON: Farm. 

SAM: You can’t pick a favorite child.

JARON: It reminds me of playing Pokemon on my iPhone

You’re from Topanga Canyon, which is known for its spiritual representation and laid back lifestyle. Do you think living in a different part of the United States or even a different part of California would have led your musical interests in a different direction?

Topanga is a really special place, but we’ve actually only lived here for a year or so. You always absorb something from the places you go and the people you are around, but we feel like we have a core spirit that is with us everywhere.

Since we’re called The Honey POP, we’d love if you could say something sweet about each other!

SAM: This is super cute. Okay. Jaron is a leather jacket golden retriever. Andy is so kind and loyal. Gabe is wild and sweet and super intuitive. Molly is so fierce and rad and prolific and a serious opera virtuoso. Joey is very sensitive and perceptive and NEVER EVER EVER makes a mistake on his bass and he always writes the perfect bass parts. Anand is a pure heart and an open ear and a wonderful adventurer.

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ANAND: In addition to singing like an angel, Molly is the angelic voice of reason in the group, always bringing the attention to detail and never settling for anything less than perfection. We are always grateful for Gabe’s silliness and playfulness in our shared time together. Joey is the gentlest of us all and the most humble, and he lends those qualities to the collective. Andy is the sweetest and everyone’s confidant, and my favorite part of a show is when I realize that he is seriously going crazy on the drum kit (and I dance harder). Jaron’s musical brilliance is blinding– something people will never hear is the little jams that we sometimes do before rehearsal, often initiated by some completely gorgeous chord progression a la Jaron. And Sam! His heart is too big for his chest– it’s so full of love for music and it contains a portal that he uses to channel divine sounds to the rest of us mortals. Thank God for him! I’m so grateful for each of these people and for the community we create by sharing food, music, and laughter! I’m the newest member of the band and they have all welcomed me into the fold with grace and love.

There you have it. There is no doubt that Hello Forever is one group to watch! What we want to know is if you are stoked for Hello Forever’s debut album? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Brandon Weiss

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