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6 Of Our Favorite Times Someone Took The Bait On MTV’s Catfish

6 Of Our Favorite Times Someone Took The Bait On MTV’s Catfish


Through the years, Catfish has taken us on one chaotic journey. With seven seasons already in the bag, the show continues to swim along nicely as the eighth season is current-ly upon us. Here, at The Honey Pop, we’ve been reflecting on all the times the show reeled us in and hooked us by the mouth.

As the show’s front runners have taught us, any-fin is possible, so let’s take a look at six of our favorite moments from MTV’s Catfish that have us eeling some type of way.

Antwane and Tony, or, er…Carmen

This is probably one of the pettiest episodes of Catfish to date. Antwane’s cousin Carmen decided to bestow a little payback on her cousin (for 3 whole years) for calling her a “fat ass Kelly Price.” While we don’t condone name-calling or catfishing, the outcome of this episode was so unexpected that it claims the top spot on our list as the of-fish-al most iconic episode of Catfish (or at least in our lake).

Artis and Jess, or… Not Jess?

This episode was wild from the beginning, but Artis’ episode turned into a turtle disaster. Justin ended up being the guy catfishing Artis, who thought he was talking to a girl named Jess. Justin became furious that Artis was betraying his family for a girl online so he showed up to the meetup with an aggressive attitude and ready to throw hands. We had more questions than answers by the end of this episode, but what we did get from this episode was an iconic meme. You betta believe we have that meme in our collection!

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Mandy and Jose … We Mean Chasity

What makes this episode so fin-teresting? Well, Chasity is actually a repeat Catfish offender. Nev and Max busted her originally back in season two, AND Mandy also happens to be her cousin. As it turns out, Chasity was trying to catfish her other cousin (and Mandy’s sister), Andrea. Why the mix up? We’re glad you asked! Mandy had actually been using a fake account as her sister to catch her then boyfriend cheating on her with her sister. Holy Carp! Talk about a whirlwind.

Angel and Jordan and CeCe … or not?

Angel and Jordan met on Tinder, and were “together” for several months until he stood her up. Angel broke up with Jordan following this, but then their flame rekindled about a month later. Things got even more complicated when Angel’s best friend CeCe admitted she had also been talking to Jordan, and had developed feelings for him. You’d think things couldn’t get any more turbulent, but you would be mistaken. This is Catfish after all! CeCe throws us yet ANOTHER curve ball when she admits she is gill-ty, and is in fact Jordan. She made the whole thing up to get back at Angel for supposedly stealing 3 boys from her. Yikes! Keep your friends close and your anemonies closer, I guess.

Spencer and Katy Perry … But Not Really

Good ol’ Spencer claims to have been in a relationship with singer Katy Perry for six years. Even after he meets Harriet (the real girl he’s been talking to), he’s still not convinced that she’s the girl. He is firm in his belief that his boo is Katy Perry, and she’s punking him just for the halibut. We know, we’re shell shocked, too! Wish we could say Spence came to his senses…wonder if he’s had enough time to mullet over?

Whitney and Bre… and Catfish, Too

You read that right! In our last Catfish moment, Nev and Max get mixed up in a massive catfishing scheme. Whitney and Bre had been in a relationship for four years, and they decided to use Catfish as a way for them to finally meet. Neither of them were lying to each other, but they were technically catfishing the show. We de-fin-itely don’t condone lying, but they saw the oppur-tuna-ty, and they took it, unfairly. Carp-e Diem, I suppose.

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There you have it! Six of our favorite moments from MTV’s Catfish! Did your favorite moment make our favorites list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!


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