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Sweet Releases: A New Load of Ear Candy Just For You

Sweet Releases: A New Load of Ear Candy Just For You

Sweet Releases

It’s that time again, and by time again, we mean a sugar coma and a cavity or three, because our Sweet Releases this week are sure to have you stanning more artists than you have room on your plate!

So, load up on the bonbons, sit back with your noise-canceling headphones. These sweets are coming at you hard and fast and you don’t need any distractions.

Annie O’Malley — ‘Golden Doves’

Annie O’Malley has really delivered a beautiful track with ”Golden Doves.’ Her ethereal vocals are an unfamiliar treat to hear. Her tone is more mature for a nineteen-year-old and its a refreshing sound. The music video is a simple home movie-style video, which is perfect in keeping the essence of the beautiful lyrics and it doesn’t overshadow the song at all. O’Malley’s passion shines through her music, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the young singer/songwriter.

Hello Forever — ‘I Want To Marry You’

Hello Forever are at it again as they come in at full force to redefine the music industry. The art-pop collective have yet to disappoint us with any of their songs and ‘I Want To Marry You’ is no different. Their modern hippie vibe is setting the group apart from others in the same area of music, and we are loving getting to live nostalgically through the collective’s ’60s inspired music. All we can say is that we look forward to hearing more from Hello Forever. Until then, know that this song is forever on our Sweet Releases playlist. It’s an office necessity.

The Last Artful and Dodgr — ‘Hot’ and ‘Wrong Way’

‘Hot’ and ‘Wrong Way’ definitely deserve their spots on this week’s Sweet Releases. With an alluring melody and catchy beats, there’s no way we would pass up the opportunity to dive into these tracks. The Last Artful and Dodgr really brought the heat with these numbers and with the euphonious vocals overlaying each track, it’s almost otherworldly. We’re stoked to hear more from these two artists.

The Beautiful Mistake — ‘Memento Mori’

‘Memento Mori’ is the first single off The Beautiful Mistake’s upcoming EP, You’re Not Broken. I Am, set to release March 27. With a punchy beat and a singalong chorus, The Beautiful Mistake has delivered an outstanding track. Not to mention how powerful the lyrics are, just wow! We are beyond mind-blown.

Calloway Circus — ‘Kind To Myself’

Calloway Circus is already making a huge name for themselves in the alt-pop world. This is the fourth single the duo has dropped off their upcoming debut album Entropy, and every single track released so far has knocked our socks off. ‘Kind To Myself’ is in essence, a self-love anthem, and it talks about living with depression and how taking a little time to be kind to yourself really goes a long way when with living with a mental illness. Its probably one of the most important songs the band has released yet, and it makes even more hyped for the release of the duo’s album.

thanks — ‘Busy’

I think psychedelic pop is the perfect way to describe thanks’ style. Their latest track ‘Busy’ has some seriously impressive falsetto vocals that we are living for, and not to mention the nostalgic beat. This is one of those songs that can have you on your feet and dancing across your living room almost immediately. BRB, we’re adding that to our playlist!

Rachel Lynn — ‘This Winter’

Rachel Lynn’s sultry voice will give you goosebumps as she sings on this R&B inspired love song, ‘This Winter.’ She sings of finding hope and security in the possibility that you’ve found someone you can count on after fighting back feelings of loneliness for so long. Rachel’s passion shines through when she sings, and that adds an extra element to the track.

Tyson Motsenbocker — ‘Come To California’

Tyson’s angelic voice has blessed us again with another elegant track, ‘Come To California.’ A soft, delicate song about taking a chance even though you may be unsure about what awaits you. It’s the final single off his upcoming Sophomore album Someday I’ll Make It Up To You set to release mid-February. Don’t forget to catch Tyson on tour in North America with Colony House kicking off next month!

Meg & Dia — HappySad

We don’t think we even need to say it, but the powerful, divine vocals this duo has are just out-of-this-world incredible! The harmonies, the melodies, the music, EVERYTHING just fits together beautifully. We are so excited about the deluxe version of their album HappySad, which includes a new song and stripped-down versions of fan favorites from the album. 1000/10, we would recommend you add this album to your daily playlist immediately!

The JAB — ‘Dank Mississippi’

First of all, we’re digging the harmonica, it adds a unique twist to the song. Breaking the typical barrier’s a lot of artists feel they have to keep up. ‘Dank Mississippi’ definitely has a bluesy feel, but the gritty vocals give it a bit of a rock kick. The JAB are redefining a genre with this track, and we’re excited to hear more from them!

Static Cycle — ‘Ringer’

‘Ringer’ is on our Sweet Releases list this week because it’s an utter bop, and there’s no denying that! We are over the moon for the track’s music video, too. A lot of hard work and thought went into the animated music video. The fact that Static Cycle has chosen a unique approach to their videos with a video series, is not only refreshing but very exciting! Each video leaves us wanting more, and waiting impatiently for the next to be released. ‘Ringer’ is two out of six in the video series and we are sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation of what to expect next!

Tiana Major9 ft EARTHGANG — ‘Collide’

One word comes to mind when listening to ‘Collide’ and that’s Soulful. EARTHGANG and Tiana are hitting us in the feels with such smooth vocals as theirs. The lyricism alone is enough to make us emotional but combined with such powerful voices and we are astonished. All we want to know is where has this song been all our lives and can we have some more?!

TCTS ft Maya B — ‘Not Ready For Love’

TCTS and Maya B may not be ready for love but we sure are. We’re ready to fall more in love with this track, and this collab! ‘Not Ready For Love’ is an upbeat, electro-pop dance track that will have you moving your feet within seconds. The visuals in the music video bring the essence of the song to life as the protagonist goes through the motions of feeling the thrill of love. We’re super stoked to see what else these artists have up their sleeves.

VISTA — ‘Dirty Laundry’

Yes, yes, 1000% yes! Vista has come to slay the alt-pop charts with new single ‘Dirty Laundry.’ With a bit of euphonic mystery in the vocals and an explosive beat, this track packs that extra punch and leaves you wanting more. The trio’s upcoming EP, The Repair, is going to take the industry by storm, and we are living for it!

Rändi Fay — ‘Firefly’

With Rändi Fay’s enchanting, theatrical vocals, this song is a unique addition to anyone’s music library. The song encourages us to spend more time discovering ourselves and who we are, rather than obsessing over what others think of us. We know that in today’s society it can be hard to focus on ourselves, but ‘Firefly’ is that glimmer of hope and encouragement at the end of society’s judgmental tunnel. Ignore what others think and jump on that self-love train! Rändi is a Sweet Releases regular, because here at THP, once we stan you, it’s hard to let you go. She’s on the regular rotation here at THP HQ and with one listen to ‘Firefly’ you’ll know why!

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Introvert — ‘Mending Breaking’

Punk group Introvert has a new 6-track EP dropping soon, and in anticipation for this, have dropped the title track ‘Mending Breaking.’ With a powerful beat and meaningful lyricism, this track is a phenomenal perfect lead into the EP’s release. ‘Mending Breaking’ is a strong punk anthem about self-doubt, which is a topic relatable to just about everyone. We look forward to hearing the rest of the EP’s tracks!

Fredo Disco — ‘Harmony Korine (The Game)’

Fredo Disco is a jazzy little pop-punk laced treat. Formed by Vocalist/Guitarist Fredo Fosco, the band found their name as Fosco’s name often gets auto-corrected to Disco. Joining him in the group are musicians Max Kin (lead guitar), Colin Riordan (drums), Zeb Mrowka (big bearded bassman), and Alan Villablba (trumpet boy). This band composes music that any fan of this genre would sink their teeth right into. The exciting use of trumpet sounds sets this group apart from the others, and it makes us want to DANCE. Releasing a playful video for the new song ‘Harmony Korine (The Game),’ we can’t help but fall even more in love. If you’re into feel-good-get-angry utterly relatable lyric songs, we PROMISE you won’t regret giving Fredo Disco a listen.

José Feliciano — Behind This Guitar

José Feliciano is a legend and we can see why this album, Behind This Guitar, is so highly anticipated, with covers like ‘The Chain’ and the classic Spanish Christmas song ‘Feliz Navidad’. It’s an album you’ll want to get your hands on. With his gritty tones and beautiful guitar notes filling the air, the album is simply stunning. We’re so excited that it has dropped!

Allan Rayman — ‘Chief’

‘Chief’ is the third single leading up to Allan Rayman’s new album, Christian. With groovy dark tones, ‘Chief’ immediately draws you in and gets you craving Rayman’s new album. The singer-songwriter has created a cult following with his previous projects, and time spent touring and playing festivals such as Austin City Limits. He proves this is a well-deserved following by gifting us with songs that make you want to dance all night.

How’s that for a sugar high? With a list like that, can life get any sweeter? We think not.

So, which of these Sweet Releases are you hyped over right now? Have you found a new fave? Tell all in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need even more Sweet Releases? Just call us the Candy Man.

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep, Words: Emily Defoor, Danielle King, Bex Rodriguez, and Kat Voss

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