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Jump into the Darkness with Stitched Up Heart

Jump into the Darkness with Stitched Up Heart


Last month, Stitched Up Heart threw us into Darkness with their new sophomore album. Following their debut 2016 album, Never Alone, that charted #7 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart and gained over 20 million streams worldwide, Darkness has been highly anticipated and it was worth the wait. And while the album shows us the light, we’re guided by lead singer, Mixi who shows us the way.

In what ways does the album give off the message you’re putting out into the world, about resilience, and coming into the light? Do you feel you put your own experiences into the lyrics?

I always write from experience and try to learn something from every challenge life throws at me. I think that makes the challenges less difficult when you focus more on what good can come out of all of it. The lyrics throughout the album tell that story as it was being written when I was trying to search for that light again.

Since Darkness is about resilience, what was a defining moment in your career where you bounced back from a setback? How did you get past it, and what did you take from the experience that helped you develop both as people and artists?

I’ve had lots. I think a huge catapult in my career was when I put down the drink. Immediately after that, I found a new way of living that I never realized was possible. I woke up and everything was clearer. I had wasted so much time and was determined to make up for it. It’s been over five years now and I’ve gotten to really know who I am. The good and the bad and have worked to make the good parts of me better and admit my faults.

What specifically about Big Heart Ranch stands out and connects with you guys over other charities?

I was drawn to the ranch after the fires in Malibu displaced over 70 animals at the rescue. I had some free time once the album was finished, and what better use of time than to help those in need. They have rescue horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, etc that they saved from various situations and have them at the ranch as therapy animals for other local non-profits.

Your album revolves around the theme of coming out of the darkness to get into the light, and the title itself is Darkness. Why did you guys choose to emphasize challenges and difficulties instead of naming the album Light?

It’s more about going through the darkness again with the strength you gained from before from all the other challenges. It’s knowing you will make it out stronger. It’s darker lyrically than it is lighter.

What was it like working with Sully Erna on your single ‘LOST’?

He’s an amazing and inspiring human being. I’m forever grateful for being able to work together on a song. Hands down, the coolest guy ever. 

Which song off of your album Darkness do you feel is the most personal for you and why?

They’re all pretty personal. I like ‘Bones’ and ‘Crooked Halo’ as they gave us the ability to expand without genre borders.

You have toured with some legendary names — are there any particularly big moments on tour that stand out to you? Like any moments where you stepped back and kind of realized “wow this is real life”?

There have been many moments like that. The Halestorm, In This Moment, & New Years Day tour was our first arena tour and it was breathtaking and inspiring every single night. Knowing what strong women can do when they work hard and never give up gives me hope.

If you could give your fans (or anyone out in the world who may be living in a dark place) one piece of advice to find the light and good in their life again, what would you say to them?

Try finding one good thing about everything that makes you upset. Our brain can snowball into negativity easily. If you try to find the good stuff in the bad, you’ll focus more on it and find it more often if you focus on positivity.

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You are one of the first alt-rock bands to release songs one at a time instead of the full album, how do you think is this going to impact your genre?

I believe this is going to be the way music is released for most rock bands. If not single after single, it will be EPs or shorter albums, so new material is released more often since it takes so long to complete one full-length record. 

We’re The Honey POP!  And, as such, we love ending things on a sweet note! So, we’d love if you could say something sweet about each other you think the world should know!

Well as it’s only Mixi here responding, I will say that I am super lucky to have found my best friends. My band is my family and I’m super lucky to have people who are as dedicated, supportive, and loyal by my side. 

Come into the light with us by streaming Stitched Up Heart’s newest album, Darkness on all streaming platforms! Have you listened to Darkness? What was your favorite track? Let us know what you thought in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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