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The Greeting Committee Talks To Us All About Their Part In ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’

The Greeting Committee Talks To Us All About Their Part In ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’

Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

The Greeting Committee is a band everyone needs to check out immediately. They’re a huge part of the To All The Boys: Always And Forever soundtrack. They have this indie-pop sound that just hooks you and each of the band members brings something so essential to the table.

The Honey Pop was lucky enough recently to get to chat with The Greeting Committee. We talked about all things revolving around their involvement in the soundtrack. And we talked all about their personal music taste and the possibility of new music. We hope you enjoy our talk with The Greeting Committee!

You can check out the To All The Boys: Always And Forever soundtrack here!

Here at The Honey Pop, we’re highly driven and passionate as fans of music and it’s where many of us take inspiration from. Who has inspired you on your musical journey and who do you have as a particular fav or influence that is in your playlists on heavy rotation?
For me, that answer can be split up into two parts. Withholding some of my nerdiness… one band that has been very influential to my musical upbringing is the prog-rock band Coheed and Cambria. The music and lyrics are heavily based on a science-fictional world that the lead singer created. The idea of creating a unique universe to accompany a piece of music was so mind-blowing to teenage me. However, ironically enough, a lot of the music that I’ve been listening to includes more easy-going artists like Samia and Bon Iver. When I’m searching for something new, I love to throw on a French Indie-Pop playlist on Spotify.

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How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your work?
We fit pretty nice and cozy in the indie-pop world.

Before being featured in the newest installment of To All The Boys were you guys a fan of the series? 
We had all been aware of the film. Addie was a fan, but most of us hadn’t seen the films at that point!

The To All The Boys: Always And Forever soundtrack features 3 of your songs but you have 4 total features in the film AND you guys are in the movie! That is amazing to have so many of your songs featured in one soundtrack, what was running through your head when you were approached about the project? Was it surreal? 
We were all over the place! There weren’t many concrete details of what our role was at first. When we were approached about it, I don’t think any of us could fully see the impact that being featured would have. Honestly, I think some of us were a little skeptical of doing this, haha. We all like to be a part of the decision-making processes and we all like to feel like we’re doing something that’s genuine to us as a band. That surreal moment didn’t hit until we got to New York and were on set for the film.

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What was it like playing in the movie? Do you have any fun stories that you can share with us from being on set?
Despite never being in a movie, it felt very natural because we just had to do what we always do — play our instruments! It was a fun and unexpected opportunity, and we are all super thankful that we got to be a part of it.

The whole shoot took place at night, so we were on set from roughly 9 pm-5 am so they could use up every bit of daylight. I think we were supposed to be in that last shot where all the friends are spinning in a circle singing all with “Run For Your Money.” However, because the sun had started to rise, they couldn’t include us in the shot! We only got a couple of hours of sleep before we had to leave for our flight back home. Overall, a crazy trip that flew by.

Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

 “Beginning Middle End” becomes Lara Jean and Peter’s “song,” do you have a song that you’ve chosen for a specific person or memory that still makes you think of them?
Someone made me a playlist back in high school that I associate a lot with my youth now. Songs like “Asleep” by The Smiths and “This Love is Fucking Right!” by The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.

The music in movies can really change the whole vibe of the film, If you had to pick your all-time favorite movie soundtrack to date, which one would you pick and why do you dig it so much?
Perks of Being a Wallflower is always the first to pop up! But I also really love the soundtrack to the video game The Last of Us. It’s a zombie-horror game but the narrative behind the terror is so beautiful, and the dark Latin acoustic guitar adds to the depth of the story

If you had a movie made about you, what songs (made by other people) would have to be in the film? 
Anything by Phoebe Bridgers!

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We’re really digging the creativity and lyricism you bring to your art. What’s your favorite lyric you’ve created and is there a particular reason that it is so special to you? Or is there a particular riff or melody that resonates in the same way?
As a band, our last EP, I’m Afraid I’m Not Angry, holds a very special place for all of us. It’s the first time where we were branching out in a way that felt authentic to us. The song “Call In The Morning” stands out the most. From the plucky guitar and subtle keys and saxophone chords to the vulnerable lyrics that are there from start to finish, there are so many parts that make that song special.

It’s been a minute since your debut album release, are you currently working on your next record? What can you tell us about it?
We’ve been writing almost nonstop for the last year and are going into the studio in mid-March! No firm dates yet, but people can expect to get some music soon. This is the most thorough and thought-through a project has felt, and we’re excited to share it!

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of The Greeting Committee? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda and BiBi Lara

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