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Show Them Your Wings with Jacqueline Loor’s ‘I Can Fly’

Show Them Your Wings with Jacqueline Loor’s ‘I Can Fly’


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Striving to help others realize their self worth, Jacqueline Loor’s lyrics tell stories of empowerment and are filled with venerability and raw emotion. It’s no understatement that her latest track ‘I Can Fly’ is a reflection of just that. Hailing from her first debut album, Show Them, that is out next month, ‘I Can Fly’ is the definition of “a female empowerment song” and we can feel the force coming straight through our speakers with these lyrics!

Listen to our exclusive premiere of Jacqueline Loor’s ‘I Can Fly’ below!

Jacqueline calls ‘I Can Fly’ the turning point of the album, offering that shining light and giving the listener assurance that things will get better, and those vibes are exactly what we get from this track!

Her debut album, Show Them, is a project built out of that shining light, seeping with empowerment, as the songs were written to empower someone very dear to her, her twin sister, who needed to see her worth just like so many of us out there. Get to the bones of this new track and Jacqueline Loor’s debut album with this exclusive THP interview with the mastermind herself!

Your new single is called ‘I Can Fly,’ where’d you get the inspiration for this track?
I was in a co-write session with my talented friend Monica Rizzio and we were just talking about how many times we settled for the wrong guy because we didn’t know our own worth and how we saw it among the females we loved too. We decided right there and then to write a female empowerment song.

You’ve mentioned that this song came from you always having an identical twin sister to be by your side and it’s a reminder that you don’t need to be dependent on someone else, was there a moment in your life when you realized you could fly on your own?
I actually wrote it to empower my twin sister – I had an aha moment after a breakup with yet another guy I had settled for and as I was reflecting on the past 1 1/2 years with him that I “wasted,” I realized I saw the red flags from early on but decided to stay with him. I asked myself why and realized I was so scared to be alone. At that moment I realized I’d rather be alone than waste time with the wrong guys who bring me down. I wrote this song to help other women realize they don’t have to settle for the wrong guy and they can fly on their own.

Being a twin, I’m sure you have tons of funny and memorable moments of people confusing one for the other, can you share one of your favorite moments?
I have a ton of funny and memorable moments but the first funny and embarrassing one that came to mind was the time I was running around a mall and bumped into who I thought was my sister and began talking to her and yelled at her to stop copying what I was saying. I then quickly realized I was speaking to me a mirror! I almost died of embarrassment with myself and I should have just taken it to the grave but I couldn’t help but tell my twin who til this day still makes fun of me for it! 

And the song’s all about flying on your own without help and without anyone bringing you down, why do you think it’s so important to remind yourself of this? What do you hope fans take away from the track?
I have spent so many years with the wrong friends and boyfriends because of fear. Fear of being alone, of not being loved, and feeling like I’m not enough. I have realized with time and experience that I am enough and I can fly all on my own. I hope my fans can find that strength in themselves too. 

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Your album, Show Them, comes out next month, what track are you most excited for fans to hear?
I’m so excited for people to hear “Show Them!! I had my two crazy talented daughters sing on the chorus and I had my brilliant mentor, Kris Bradley, produce it! She has been such a huge part of my journey and has inspired me to keep going even past my comfort zone to discover a part of me I didn’t realize I had in me. The next part of my journey will be me really producing my own tracks and she is such a huge part of me taking that step in that direction. 

What made you release ‘I Can Fly’ ahead of the album as a single?
The last couple of songs I released were darker and from the first half of the album where the woman realizes she is done with a toxic relationship and starts finding her strength, but it’s in a dark and intense mood. I wanted to show my fans there is a brightness and light in the second half of the album with “I Can Fly”.

And this whole album was written for you sister, how did she react when she first heard the completed project?
My twin was really happy, flattered, embarrassed, and upset when I told her this whole album was dedicated to and inspired by her. I actually wanted to name it after her first name but she drew the line with that request. lol! 

What lyric from this album do you think encompasses the message of the project?
The lyric from “I Can Fly” that I think really nails what the song is about (besides “I can fly on my own”) is, “Now I see what I’m really worth, nothing’s gonna stop this girl.”

Image By: Rey Zamora

You’re also releasing some Spanish tracks in between your album singles. How important was it for you to step into that space and what made you do both simultaneously? 
So much of who comes from my Latin roots and I’m so proud and excited to show the world that side of me. People always say how passionate, excited, happy, and affectionate I am and I think those traits that people love, I really grew up with in my culture. My family is so warm and embracing and I want people I come across to feel that way too. Although I love that Spanish side of me, I didn’t have the confidence to step into it with my music until I was in a 6-month music sync course and met students and music supervisors who told me there was a demand for Latin music, so I should really dig into that side of me. I’m all about listening to the universe and to people around me so that’s what I did and as soon as I did, I had a song placed in a Latin short film as part of the LatinXperience on PBS. That is definitely a green light for me to keep doing more so I’ll be releasing a Latin Pop album in the near future! 

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As live shows start back up, can fans look forward to seeing you any time soon?
I will be making sure to go live more on Instagram and Facebook so it would be great for them to follow me there. I would love to do some touring but that may have to wait until next year but until then I’ll be putting out new music every month! 

If you loved Jacqueline Loor’s newest track just as much as we did, pre-save ‘I Can Fly,’ right here, so you can press play on your streaming devices as soon as it drops!

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